Pelvic and Transvaginal

Those are lovely words. LOL.

Today I had to go get a pelvic and a transvaginal ultrasound to check out what it happening with my uterus and ovaries, because one ovary has a mass on it that is 8.5 cm wide or tall or whatever. And truthfully it has been there a while but my last doctor wasn’t concerned. Maybe it’s bigger now.
Anyway, I have had lots of pelvic ultrasounds before, so that wasn’t new. But I hadn’t ever had a transvaginal ultrasound. That’s when they stick this wand in your vagina (I don’t know what else to call it!) and move it around looking for things.
So the pelvic ultrasound was uncomfortable, because I really had to pee (they like you to have a full bladder when you do it). Then the technician (or whatever she’s called) told me to go pee and then come back to lay on this wedge with my bum in the air.
Then the transvaginal ultrasound happened. And I was trying not to think of anything. While this woman has this lubed up thing in my vagina. And I was making patterns in my head of the dots in the ceiling tiles. “That spells Giraffe.” Look over at another set of spots. “That spells vag. Oh.” It’s really hard not to think about it while someone is moving a stick around your vagina.
Finally it was done! And I had another pee and went on a bunch of buses home.

Then I went on a bus and a streetcar to my Member of Parliament’s office. Which has nothing to do with the ultrasounds.
I had to go to sign a consent form so they could look into my personal credits and see how to hurry things up. Because I need it to live!

I’m trying to sell my boots. Someone’s buying them but not until Sunday, which is a while away. I have maybe 50 cents until then! And lots of fresh eggs.
L7 is coming, but I don’t have enough to go yet. 🙁

I’m starting to realize, at 37, that I am most likely demisexual. Which is when you need to have some emotional intimacy with someone before having sexual attraction happen. I mean, I can just feel attracted sometimes, but honestly it doesn’t really ramp up unless I have spent time and chatted with them for a while. Sometimes I don’t even know if I am gonna have a crush on someone until we are friends and then suddenly I realize I like them.
But there are exceptions I guess.
What I really mean is, Tinder sucks, OKCupid is not good enough, and I need to make some more friends.

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