Writing – Get into the Groove

So I am finally BACK AT IT, IT being my MRP which is a feature film script. I am trying DESPERATELY to get to the second draft, and I want the second draft to be 107 pages, because that is what we are aiming for and my first draft was only 53.
So today I started dipping into it and by the evening I was going at breakneck speed rewriting and revising and writing new stuff.
And then freakin’ BEDTIME is here and I have to stop.
What happens to a writer if they keep writing?
I really do have to stop for the night though because I am seeing my doctor tomorrow morning and she is hopefully going to put me on new medications. Because honestly 8 years of risperidone is enough. Not that it’s not working, but the consulting psychiatrist says there is newer stuff that is better for depression.
I think my writing is going well though. Like, I think I can finish all the rewriting tomorrow, and then get into writing new scenes here and there. AND then hopefully push it up to 107 pages by Thursday. There are some things I have to go back and fix.
The deadline for the final thing is July 3rd. ALSO I have to write a paper to go with it, so i gotta work on that. BLah! I should actually ask my advisor how long my paper has to be. I hope he only wants 20 pages. If it’s 30 I will feel overwhelmed.

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