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Personal Credits supposedly on the way!

I called the Personal Credits office last week and was told that on June 11th they finally approved them and sent off the request to the trustee to write a cheque! SOOOOO By July 11th they should arrive at my school, and a week or so after that I can get a refund! It’s a ways away. BUT it is in sight! AND really it could happen sooner! So that’s good!
Also I called my old phone company and found out I’m getting a 300 dollar credit back! Which is good! BUT it’s gonna be four to six weeks before I get it. Which seems like a really long time!
I should be hearing about my grant in the first week of July! And then it will be about two weeks from then IF I get it that I can get a direct deposit.
I guess what I am trying to say is that my money is all enroute (although the grant is totally unknown at this point) and it’s gonna get here. It’s just taking a while.
I’m really nervous about this grant. IF I don’t get it I’m gonna have to find a job. And I’ve been looking and applying, but no bites yet. It’s a little nervewracking. I’ve been in this situation and been disappointed so many times. But before I had more of a safety net, whereas this time I am going to be getting my last student loan deposit in August. Yikes!
Mom is currently in Lethbridge doing a big intensive job interview/talk/tour thing at the University. I am really hoping she gets it. Things are lining up for her really well right now, the terrible horrible neighbors that drove her property values down last time she tried to sell her house are moving, so it might be that she can sell it a lot easier!
Aside from that, I’ve been diligently working on my script. It’s pretty tight. BUT it’s about 14 pages shorter than the goal. Still, I’m at this point where I feel like I don’t want to add any useless filler. I sent it to my cousin Deanna and she loved it, so that makes me feel good. I sent the third draft to my advisor and second reader last night. I haven’t heard back from either of them yet, but my advisor usually does really good notes.
I got an email from a job I applied for that I really want! It’s for a Videographer/Editor and they wanted to see some video samples so I sent them links to four of my videos on Vimeo! 😀 EEEEEEE OMG PLEEZ let them want an interview!
Mom and I talked briefly on chat about her day, she said it was gruelling but her power was dying before she could say much more! Either way she is going for supper with them and I really hope it’s a good sign! 😀

End of a Cycle

I read my tarot cards today, Death came up, and The Wheel of Fortune, and some other ones indicating a cycle is over and a new one starting. Which I am assuming means the end of my masters program, which is IN SIGHT! I sent in my latest draft to my advisor and second reader, and I’m gonna work on it some more. It is still 25 pages shy of my goal. BUT I feel a lot better about it.

I am thinking about ways I need to change my life, like getting more active with the dogs, and trying to work on strength training exercises, and finding some reliable constant income coming in. I applied for another job. I’m waiting to hear about a grant. I will find out so soon! July 1st I should know! It will help me decide what to do for the future, and if I have to stress about getting another job soon. I hope I get it, because there are three weeks this summer where I need to be out of town to visit my mom and do some mentoring. Eeep!

I haven’t heard anything new about the Personal Credits, but I am hoping by Friday I can call the woman working on it and get an update.

My doctor called on Friday about my ultrasounds, but I didn’t get in touch with her in time.

The first med change has gone alright, nothing terrible has happened. Hopefully in July we can work on changing another medication to a newer one. A better one!

I’m being drawn to working out more. I could go to the school’s gym if I wanted, but I think I might start out with walking the dogs more and exercising at home. I don’t really want to lose weight, but I do want more muscles, especially in my arms.

Ahhhh, what else? I am excited about life and it’s changes, I am ready to begin a new cycle and walk away from old behaviours!

Pelvic and Transvaginal

Those are lovely words. LOL.

Today I had to go get a pelvic and a transvaginal ultrasound to check out what it happening with my uterus and ovaries, because one ovary has a mass on it that is 8.5 cm wide or tall or whatever. And truthfully it has been there a while but my last doctor wasn’t concerned. Maybe it’s bigger now.
Anyway, I have had lots of pelvic ultrasounds before, so that wasn’t new. But I hadn’t ever had a transvaginal ultrasound. That’s when they stick this wand in your vagina (I don’t know what else to call it!) and move it around looking for things.
So the pelvic ultrasound was uncomfortable, because I really had to pee (they like you to have a full bladder when you do it). Then the technician (or whatever she’s called) told me to go pee and then come back to lay on this wedge with my bum in the air.
Then the transvaginal ultrasound happened. And I was trying not to think of anything. While this woman has this lubed up thing in my vagina. And I was making patterns in my head of the dots in the ceiling tiles. “That spells Giraffe.” Look over at another set of spots. “That spells vag. Oh.” It’s really hard not to think about it while someone is moving a stick around your vagina.
Finally it was done! And I had another pee and went on a bunch of buses home.

Then I went on a bus and a streetcar to my Member of Parliament’s office. Which has nothing to do with the ultrasounds.
I had to go to sign a consent form so they could look into my personal credits and see how to hurry things up. Because I need it to live!

I’m trying to sell my boots. Someone’s buying them but not until Sunday, which is a while away. I have maybe 50 cents until then! And lots of fresh eggs.
L7 is coming, but I don’t have enough to go yet. 🙁

I’m starting to realize, at 37, that I am most likely demisexual. Which is when you need to have some emotional intimacy with someone before having sexual attraction happen. I mean, I can just feel attracted sometimes, but honestly it doesn’t really ramp up unless I have spent time and chatted with them for a while. Sometimes I don’t even know if I am gonna have a crush on someone until we are friends and then suddenly I realize I like them.
But there are exceptions I guess.
What I really mean is, Tinder sucks, OKCupid is not good enough, and I need to make some more friends.

Writing – Get into the Groove

So I am finally BACK AT IT, IT being my MRP which is a feature film script. I am trying DESPERATELY to get to the second draft, and I want the second draft to be 107 pages, because that is what we are aiming for and my first draft was only 53.
So today I started dipping into it and by the evening I was going at breakneck speed rewriting and revising and writing new stuff.
And then freakin’ BEDTIME is here and I have to stop.
What happens to a writer if they keep writing?
I really do have to stop for the night though because I am seeing my doctor tomorrow morning and she is hopefully going to put me on new medications. Because honestly 8 years of risperidone is enough. Not that it’s not working, but the consulting psychiatrist says there is newer stuff that is better for depression.
I think my writing is going well though. Like, I think I can finish all the rewriting tomorrow, and then get into writing new scenes here and there. AND then hopefully push it up to 107 pages by Thursday. There are some things I have to go back and fix.
The deadline for the final thing is July 3rd. ALSO I have to write a paper to go with it, so i gotta work on that. BLah! I should actually ask my advisor how long my paper has to be. I hope he only wants 20 pages. If it’s 30 I will feel overwhelmed.