Big News! Residency!

HEY! 🙂 I can finally say my big news!

I got the imagineNATIVE/Charles Street Video residency for a mid-career-senior artist living in the GTA. I’m going to be making a two spirit infomercial. It will be wise and witty! I’m so excited! It will premiere at the 2015 imagineNATIVE film festival this October!

So yay! 😀 And I get to rent equipment with a nice budget of $5000 worth of services from CSV. And $1000 to spend on whatever I need to make my project. It’s gonna be funnnnnnnnn!

My Auntie has been visiting, she came yesterday and is leaving tomorrow morning. We ate lots of food and went to the lake. We had some nice conversations, especially about Grandma.

Auntie is gone! I wrote 29 pages in two days! Everything is exciting!

I have to go to bed but I want to finally publish this and I flushed my last draft down the toilet of the internet!

1 thought on “Big News! Residency!

  1. That’s great! I look forward to seeing the informercial.

    It sounds like spring is working out well for you so far.

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