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Spring Cleaning, Award! Still Waiting for Personal Credits

My second draft of my pilot got a five day extension, so I decided to spend some time today cleaning. It’s going really well! I got rid of a lot of old cardboard and recycling and garbage. Swept, mopped, cleaned the bathroom more thoroughly, tackled this massive pile of stuff at the foot of my bed, mostly made up of dirty clothes or summer clothes that were all musty. I moved something and was finally able to open the bottom drawer of my chest of drawers and found some of my favourite shirts.

I also got 37 dollars worth of groceries. Mom was making fun of me because last time I got groceries I like, bought a bag of chips and twizzlers and a chocolate bar. But this time it was main essentials like cheese, milk, butter, eggs, an onion, a pepper, some tinned pasta, crackers, bread. Sausages and sour cream. It should feed me until some more money comes in.

I wrote this yesterday! And today was more of the same, but also I was chatting with my Cuz Deanna and I somehow got on the topic of the Personal Credits which still haven’t come and how I wouldn’t be able to see my grades until my tuition is paid. Then I checked the status of my tuition and what I owe and it was down to 28 bucks. And I did some investigating and found out I got the OutTV Award! 😀 YES! Finally! The only thing that sucks is they used all of it for my outstanding tuition and my tuition for next semester. BUT I will get the rest of my fellowship in cash then. and also when my $3000 in personal credits come hopefully they will just refund me the money I spent on tuition while waiting for those damn people!

About a month ago I called the Personal Credits office and they said I was close to the front of the line for getting my thing dealt with and then the government had 30 days to send the money to my school. SO I am gonna call tomorrow and inquire about it some more. All my tuition except for 28 bucks has been paid now, so I should just get money through the school when it comes. And Spring/Summer is my last semester of this program for good. If I can just get a time frame for when my money will arrive, I won’t have to fret so much!

But yeah! MONEY! Eventually! Right now I have fifty cents in my bank account! That’s not much of anything.

Rollerskate Lady

This last week has been busy! I am proud to say I got everything done on time. Yesterday afternoon I handed in an essay before my invigilation shift. Then I worked hard and finished up my second essay today and emailed it to the prof. Now I have the weekend to myself, and the last thing due is my second draft of my pilot. So I think I’m doing ok!

I got my essay done in time to go meet my friend Emmy and her friend Hisayo to go to Missisauga on the go train to Scooters Roller Rink! 😀

I am really terrible at rollerskating! BUT I went up and down on the carpeted area. I kept falling in the actual rink and I was all nervous because I am not as fast healing as I was when I was a kid. So I kept worrying about like, hurting my knee or something. Or hitting my head!

It was still really fun tho! And Emmy gave me rollerskates for my birthday, so now I have to learn. We’re gonna go back on adult night for a lesson.

Tomorrow I’m going to a museum with Louis! I think it will be fun.

I’m almost done! Next week is one more invigilation shift. I hope they pay me soon after that. I’m in a desperate state for money, I’m waiting to see if I get an award from my university because that would really really help. I may look for a job soon. At least for July. August is my last loan payment and then I’m on my own again for money! Scary!

I need to live somewhere cheaper. I am thinking of giving notice and going to look for a one bedroom. I’ve been waiting for a unit to come available at the coop, but meanwhile I am spending hundreds of dollars more than I have every month. It sucks.

Marathon Scriptwriting!

It’s the week after classes ended. Unless I do my PhD, I won’t be taking a class for credit again. Kind of wild! I thought I would be able to do so much work over the weekend. We have a first draft of an hour long pilot due tonight at midnight, and I have two papers due Friday, and a second draft of the pilot due on the 23rd. So I was going to work all weekend, but then . . .


Oh man it was awful. It was the kind of sick that just knocks you out. I slept pretty much all weekend, and when I did have energy it was being spent trying to get me out of the horrible household mess I was in. Anyway, yesterday I still felt crappy, but it was Monday and I knew I needed to write some of my script, so I wrote 14 pages. Then today I wrote 20 pages. And had a surprise ending I hadn’t anticipated!

There were times I didn’t think I would be able to do it. It seemed impossible. To write all those pages! Within less than 48 hours! Oh my god!

Anyway, I did it! Submitted it three minutes before the deadline. The world is saved. It’s not quite 45 pages, it’s only 40. BUT it’s just a first draft so it’s got a ways to go anyway.

So I feel more confident about writing my thesis project.

I have two papers left to do this week, both of them due on Friday. I’m going to try working really hard the next few days to get them done. I just don’t want to ask for an extension, because there isn’t a lot of time for the profs to finish marking before they need to turn in their marks and I don’t want to rush them. One of my papers is half written already. I feel good about where it’s gonna go. Actually both my papers are on things which interest me. One is about film tax credits and what happened in Saskatchewan, and another is about Race and Gender in Revenge Thrillers with a focus on my thesis project, Carrie, and Coffy. So it should be fun writing times.

BUT also with all this I have a psychiatrist appointment in the morning on Thursday and an Invigilation shift on Thursday afternoon. AND I have to sign a contract tomorrow hopefully. But, well life happens. I can’t be perfectly working on my assignments at ALL times that I am conscious and not either eating or defecating. I mean really! Come on!

After the second draft of my pilot is done next Thursday, I will have finished all of my work for the semester! Then I can take a short break and then get back to working on my thesis project! Which I am pretty excited about. That’s due July 3rd, and I just found out from my advisor that he is gone in August so we need to do the defense in July before he leaves.

I CAN DO IT! I AM DOING IT! I’m gonna come out of this with a debt of $23,000, but I will also have a Masters of Arts and a script to try and produce! 😀