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It’s Saturday night! I’m already in bed.  I had a really lazy day.  BUT I did pick which clip I want to do some sound design for, for my final project for Audio Post class.  I’m gonna do the last five minutes of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.  So that’s awesome.  I always almost cry at that scene.

I won fifty bucks today! 😀 I impulse purchased a Bejeweled scratch and win at Loblaws and I got three lightnings which was fifty! 😀 Yay!  I spent 4.50 on a drink and another scratch and win, but I didn’t win anything.  BUT I still have about 45.50 so that’s good!  It will let me have some more cash to play with before life gets desperate again.

I cleaned my bedroom.  That was about it.  I should have worked on my presentation for Monday, but I didn’t.  I’m really not sure what to present.  I know I have to pitch my project.  I was thinking doing ten minutes of talking and leaving ten minutes for questions.  I have a lot to say.  I have a good feeling about it, but at the same time I know there’s lots of competition and they might not think it’s developed enough yet.  So we’ll see

I think I’m gonna go sleepies now.  I had such a lazy last two days.  I know it’s ok because people need to have breaks in life, but as always there is this anxiety about being a bad student.  And the fact that I am gonna be paying for my education for the next ten years makes me feel like I should be on top of everything working my ass off.  But that’s not sustainable honestly.  I need a couple lazy days.

Actually what am I talking about?  Friday I was busy as hell running around the city doing stuff like going to the doctors and getting my happy lamp and iron and getting food and stuff.  I was so busy!

Anyway, tomorrow afternoon I’m gonna work hard, but in the evening I will relax!  Life work balance, blah blah blah!

1 thought on “Life work balance

  1. I agree. When you have something that’s long term, like the schooling, you need to be able to sustain it over the long haul. That means you need regular breaks from it. So, take weekends off but then do the work on weekdays and pay attention and learn stuff.
    It’s pretty well the only way. You’re not bad or lazy or anything for finding it overwhelming. It just means you’re normal.
    What’s the sound design assignment?

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