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End of Semester in TWO WEEKS!

But really all my school work won’t be done in two weeks, because we are getting extensions for a few things (I didn’t have to ask!) so I’m gonna be stressing out working on papers. AND I also have six hours of invigilation work to do, which is really nice. I will get paid 41 dollars an hour! How sweet is that???

Extra cash is always nice!
Speaking of extra cash, this past Monday I got a message from Apple saying since my macbook pro was one of the affected models that had video problems, they would give me a refund for the service I had to pay to fix it. I paid $904.06, and I paid it back when I was trying to move and had saved up money and then had to use it on my computer because my career depends on it. Anyway, I finally get it back! It was actually pretty easy to do, I called apple, got a senior advisor, he gave me his email and I sent him a pdf of my reciept and then they got my address and it’s hopefully in the mail right now!

I also got an email from Canada Council that they received my application, then today they said my support material usb drive wouldn’t open, so I formatted another one properly and put my stuff on it and sent it today. So that’s good!

I told my crush that I had a crush on them and she said she couldn’t reciprocate it but she thanked me for telling her and I think it went ok. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, cause you never really know. And I don’t want to be like, creepy creeper. BUT now that I know I can just appreciate her as a friend and continue looking for new crushes. And it’s spring! It’s freakin’ cold here right now, but spring time is kind of a sexy time of year, people start stripping down and flirting more.

I’m working on Audio homework today and tomorrow. I was in a protools suite at school, and now I have a recorder and a mic, so I am gonna try and get all my sounds before I have to take it back tomorrow.

Also I got a three dollar scratch and win and won 15 dollars! 😀 So that’s nice.

I’m pretty pissed about the injustice for Cindy Gladue, the Indigenous sex worker who was murdered four years ago by Bradley Barton. I wrote a couple emails and then ALSO wrote a couple of physical snail mail letters and mailed them off, asking the Crown to appeal. I’m going to a rally for her on the second. I remember reading about that case before the verdict came down and he was acquitted, and honestly I thought it was a very clear case. She had an eleven centimetre wound in her vagina she bled out from in his hotel bathtub. He so clearly did it! It seemed like a no brainer. But then the jury was made up of white men, and he was a white man, and so they sided with his defense and acquitted him. FUCKED UP! It made me so mad. Then I found out that the jury didn’t know he had a web history of looking at porn where women were tortured. So sick! He is such a sick fuck!

So there’s some good and bad of the past week.

OH NO! There was another bad thing that happened. My friend Lynn lives in Strathcona and was only a few houses down from where a violent rape happened. Some passerby intervened and held the perpetrator until the police came. But it was such a random crime, she (the victim) didn’t know him at all, he just showed up with a weapon and attacked her. It made me think how we really don’t have any safe places, as women. Not even in our own homes!

Well, I can’t leave this blog post on a downer note. So now I will tell you about my dogs. They are super cute. Little Mister always cries like a baby when I come home, so I went to the store and then came back and he cried and cried but he refused to give me kisses because he was also carrying around his little chewy and didn’t want Posey to get it. He’s such a silly boy. Also he was trying to bury his chewy in a teeshirt and I caught him and he gave me a funny look and took it somewhere else. Like I’m gonna take his chewy!

3 weeks left!!! OMFG!

There are three weeks left of class! OMFG! It’s crunchy time!

My new toaster is very nice. But I have run out of bread for it. I made bannock instead! That’s helping me out.
Yesterday was the day for the veggie food bank here in Toronto so I went and got a whole bunch of produce and staples and tofu and soy milk. I’m gonna make a stir fry tomorrow. I went later in the day and said yes to everything (except the plantains!) and dragged three bags home that wore on my fingers and almost gave me a blister! Yikes! But it’s super nice to have a lot of food for the last ten days of the month when I have no money!

I made vegetarian chili with some of my last dollars, it turned out excellent except I didn’t have room to add the corn. Oh well.

Little Mister was coughing and coughing, I think he got a cheerio down the wrong tube. Poor lil’ guy! He’s fine now, snoozing by my pillow.

Oh I just took my pants off and got into bed and I am wondering why I waited so long!!??

My cousin Deanna has been poor for a long time (worse than me!) but she is really good at finding resources. She just moved to Victoria and every time I talk to her she has just gone to the food bank or she is going somewhere for soup and sandwiches. I’ve forgotten how to do a lot of that stuff. I used to go get sandwiches in Vancouver. But in Saskatoon mom and I split groceries and we managed to live ok, most of the time we had food.

Poverty is a funny thing.

I’m not sure if my grant application was recieved. I lost my receipt and when I sent an email to the officer he never replied. So I don’t know if I should wait for a result or what. I never got a thing in the mail saying they recieved my grant either, and the deadline was on the 1st of March. It’s pretty irritating, because that really makes an impact on my life and the last time I submitted the grant they refused it because my final report wasn’t in on time, but they didn’t tell me that until official results came out for everyone which really pissed me off. Canada Council what the fuck?


Oh! Actually I just checked and I sent them the email on the 20th and it’s the 22nd so maybe he needs a couple more days to see what happened to my grant. Sigh.

I recently put all my deadlines in my calendar! It doesn’t look too bad! 🙂

Toaster Fairy

I was a bit behind on my school work.  I asked for an extension, I don’t know if I got it, but I did manage to finish and submit a midterm paper tonight that was due on Thursday.  So it’s only two days late.  Which isn’t horrible.

I’m now also late on submitting my new outline to my writing peeps, so that is happening tomorrow.

And in all this my toaster blew yesterday.  It was a ten dollar toaster from Loblaws, but really it should have lasted longer than four months.  BUT then my friend Alex came to town and took me to dinner and offered to pay for a new, better, toaster for me!  Whew! Because I make a lot of toast.  It’s the best for poor people living!

Sometimes finishing grad school makes me feel overwhelmed.  Like, that is a lot of work!  And it is a very short program!  But somehow I have managed.  And I’m pretty sure I will finish on time.

Posey pup is cute today.  So was Little Mister!  Little Mister was actually being super cuddly lately.  I’m not sure what that’s about, I think he just likes all the attention.  And he is happier now that his back is normal again.  Lucky Mister!

Did I mention that a while back my medical stuff came back and I am totally fine and even my blood sugar is normal??  Because that happened.  It was pretty awesome.

OH!  I saw Sleater-Kinney, and that was fun.

I have a crush on someone.  But I am also feeling super shy about it.  It’s kind of funny.  It’s nice liking someone again tho.  But kissing would be pretty awesome.

I hope I get that grant I applied for.

I’m really into Lizzo lately since seeing her open for Sleater-Kinney.  Here’s a song she does that I downloaded!

Life work balance

It’s Saturday night! I’m already in bed.  I had a really lazy day.  BUT I did pick which clip I want to do some sound design for, for my final project for Audio Post class.  I’m gonna do the last five minutes of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.  So that’s awesome.  I always almost cry at that scene.

I won fifty bucks today! 😀 I impulse purchased a Bejeweled scratch and win at Loblaws and I got three lightnings which was fifty! 😀 Yay!  I spent 4.50 on a drink and another scratch and win, but I didn’t win anything.  BUT I still have about 45.50 so that’s good!  It will let me have some more cash to play with before life gets desperate again.

I cleaned my bedroom.  That was about it.  I should have worked on my presentation for Monday, but I didn’t.  I’m really not sure what to present.  I know I have to pitch my project.  I was thinking doing ten minutes of talking and leaving ten minutes for questions.  I have a lot to say.  I have a good feeling about it, but at the same time I know there’s lots of competition and they might not think it’s developed enough yet.  So we’ll see

I think I’m gonna go sleepies now.  I had such a lazy last two days.  I know it’s ok because people need to have breaks in life, but as always there is this anxiety about being a bad student.  And the fact that I am gonna be paying for my education for the next ten years makes me feel like I should be on top of everything working my ass off.  But that’s not sustainable honestly.  I need a couple lazy days.

Actually what am I talking about?  Friday I was busy as hell running around the city doing stuff like going to the doctors and getting my happy lamp and iron and getting food and stuff.  I was so busy!

Anyway, tomorrow afternoon I’m gonna work hard, but in the evening I will relax!  Life work balance, blah blah blah!