Thanksgiving in Toronto

It’s been a while since I wrote!  So an update on Student Loans.  The restriction is officially taken off! 😀  Tomorrow Saskatchewan Student Loans will get notice that it’s off and then they will start the loan process assessment again.  They said I could call on Friday to find out how it is going, but they should be able to get it done this week!  And then I guess some mailing goes on because I have to get them bank info so that I can get paid.  I really hope that’s the end of this terrible saga and I can get money to live and pay for school!  YIKES!

I went to some folks place for Thanksgiving last night, it was really nice.

I’m still looking for a roommate, so if you hear of anyone looking let me know!  I really need a person to live with me.

I had bacon today which made me happy.

School has been a lot of work but this week is reading week so I am hoping to get caught up on some things!

I have an artist talk on Wednesday at OCAD! 🙂

I’ve disabled my OKC profile because it wasn’t doing me any good.  I didn’t like any of the people who messaged me on there and I didn’t know how to tell if anyone was appealling just based on a few pictures and some profile answers.  So now I am gonna meet people through other people I guess.

I’m still very hopeful that one day I will win the lottery.  I say this just because I started buying tickets again after abstaining from tickets for a month or so.

Little Mister and Posey are doing well.  Posey really likes going for walks.   And shredding things, kleenexes, pompoms, ice cream wrappers, etc.

I was sick for over a week.  It was gross.  My nose is still producing more mucus than normal, but it’s way better than it was.  My friend Robin called me on day 2 of my cold when my voice was terrible and croaky!  She asked some questions to make sure it was me talking and not some imposter!

I saw half a cigarette on the ground today and was tempted to pick it up and smoke it, but I  valiantly resisted!  No smoking for me!  December 2nd will be two years without a smoke!

What else?  Aw, nothing.  I’m home and poor and bored.  It’s Thanksgiving monday so not a lot is going on, and no mail.  I am waiting for a cheque, but it’s taking a long time!

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