Bad Movers

So two things are happening.  One is that the 164 I had to pay AGAIN went AGAIN to EI.  And Canada Student Loans refuses to take off the restriction until the money is officially transferred.  Even though they can SEE it in my account. So the CRA guy was checking every two hours to see if it transferred yet, and he will check again on Monday.  Sheesh!

Then I had some troubles with movers.  The company moving me, Vega Line Movers, is charging me one number, and every time dispatch contacts me, which is another company, they quote about 150% the original price.  So I’ve been contacting Vega Line again, and again they gave me the lower quote.  The other company doing the dispatch is a totally different company, Troy Transportation.  Anyway, I think they are trying to commit fraud and hold my stuff hostage until I pay them a whole bunch of money.  So I called the Fraud Squad, but it was 5pm when I called and they close at 4pm on Fridays.  So if something happens tomorrow when my stuff comes, I’m gonna have to call the police and find my division and see what they can do legally.  I’ve got the contract in writing and I’ve got another recent email, and both of them are the lower price which I am able to afford.  So I can at least show that to the delivery guys tomorrow, who I am almost sure are going to try and charge me more money, again.  Mom and I watched an episode of Marketplace about crooked Toronto moving companies, and it looks like this is one of those situations.  I just checked the reviews for Troy ( because Vega Line got good reviews) and all of them suck.  A lot of comments about broken items and them trying to overcharge people by hundreds to thousands of dollars.  Also late deliveries, things not showing up at all, UGH!  I am gonna write to Vega when I am done with this move and tell them if they value their reputation they should find another company to subcontract out to.

So I am pretty nervous.  I have a certified cheque for the lower amount, but I am pretty sure they are gonna try and screw me over and get more money.  BUT I HAVE NO MORE MONEY!  And if I put it off for longer, they are gonna start charging me for storage.  So, fuck.  Sigh.  I’m gonna have to be tough.  And not let them fraudulently charge for things I’m not supposed to have to pay for.  My friend Louis is coming over tomorrow morning when they deliver, to look tough.  So I hope that works.  And I hope all my stuff arrives undamaged.  Once I got Two Small Men With Big Hearts to move me and they lost my dog’s ashes and this blanket my Grandma crocheted for me.  Two Assholes with No Hearts!  If I ever have a good moving company I will be sure to tell everyone.  But so far it hasn’t happened.

OH! But Canpar is good, if you are just moving boxes of stuff.  Really reliable.  Handy, that!

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