Twists and turns

So I called CRA on Tuesday and they informed me that my payment DID go through, but it went to EI.  I owed EI between 100-200 dollars, so I don’t know WHY they took my entire $1042.  They had no right to, I didn’t owe them nearly that much.  I had to call EI and ask them to transfer it to student loans.  They told me it would take up to 45 days to transfer it. FUCK!  Then I called student loans and they could see that I had paid 1042 dollars, and they knew it was getting transferred, but they couldn’t rehabilitate my loan or lift the restriction until it is actually transfered and in their account.  So then I called CRA and cried and now I am supposed to call this guy on his direct line on Monday and he’s going to try and hurry up this transfer.  So he will give me good or bad news.  Sigh.

And then, AND THEN I called my movers to find out how much I owe and they gave me this insanely high number.  And I practically died inside and was like “I’m never getting my stuff!” Cue tears.  So then I called around today and a relative is loaning me some money to pay them.  I do have SOME money for them, but not enough.  And I also sent them a request for a breakdown of how much I owe and why, and they gave me another quote that was about $600 less than I had been told before.  So that seemed more sensible.  I was really upset for a while though.  And I changed when they would bring my stuff to Thursday.  But then my relative called me again and said the bank transfer of their money would take until Thursday or Friday, so I may have to call AGAIN and get the delivery date  changed again because they won’t drop it off until I can hand over a certified cheque, money order, or cash.  It’s all incredibly frustrating.

Someone is lending me a bin of house things while I basically camp out in my suite until my stuff arrives.  It’s reminding me of what life was like when I moved to Vancouver as a teenager, or Montreal as a beginning-to-go-insane 20 something.  When I am in my 40’s and moving to LA to get my big break in show business, I will probably wind up in a bare apartment with an air mattress, old sheets, and a pot of ramen noodles yet again.  Nah, I won’t move to the States.  But it’s just a really weird thing that happens to me a lot.

My friend Louis was like “Oh, I hope your suite isn’t haunted.”  And I was like “Ah, I think ghosts follow me anyway so it probably will be.”

It’s been an incredibly stressful week, and I STILL didn’t miss a single class, not even the one that had a very dense article we had to read full of big unpleasant academic language. So that was good.  I handed in my homework on time.  So far no prof has told me I suck, so that’s a good sign I guess.  I didn’t do any school stuff today, just worked out my moving issues and then hung out with Louis and then came home to pups!  I left Posey for literally six hours and she acted like I had been gone ALL DAY!  She gave me kisses for about an hour and cleaned my ear and ran around my shoulders.  Little Mister also snuggled, but he’s a pretty independent guy so he wasn’t as needy as little girl pup.

And just before I wrote this they told me in their doggy way that they were ready for bed, so here we are.  Tomorrow I have an appointment for an interview with a Co-op Housing place, so I am gonna go do that and then maybe see my friend again.  It’s close to where he lives, so it would be nice if I got into it, although I know it’s probably gonna be a waiting list situation for a year or more.

I’m sleepy.  My night meds are kicking in.  Posey is all cuddled up under the covers.  I haven’t had to call a suicide crisis line so far, which I think is pretty good!  It’s been a really stressful couple of months.  I think and hope that things will change pretty quick, but it’s really unknown.

And through all of this my Grandma is still having a hard time, and I am far away, and somehow I have to have some extra money in case I need to go home because of an emergency.  Not for good, just for a little bit.  Whew.

I figured out something I am going to add for my performance in London Ontario.

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