I’m staying with my cousin in Mississauga before September when I move to Toronto, and because of a housing situation I may have to stay somewhere else for two weeks before I can move in.  It’s all really up in the air, and we don’t know for sure where we are going to live yet.

The dogs have adjusted really well.  Posey and Little Mister were fine with the plane flight, I was a nervous wreck at the end waiting for them to come out in the oversize luggage area.  But they showed up eventually, Little Mister pooped in his kennel, but that was the only unfortunate thing.  He got a bath when we got him to the house and then they have been settling in.  Little Mister is getting better at not peeing or pooping inside.  He goes to the stairs when he needs to go out for a pee.  Posey is still having a hard time with the inside/outside thing.  But she’ll learn!  They’ve gotten along really well with Theresa’s dogs, Little Mister and Peanut the Pug have had a couple fights but Porkchop the Pomeranian has broken it up right away.  I think Porkchop is the leader of the pack.  Everyone is figuring out where in the hierarchy they fit.  Posey and Porkchop have been playing chase in the backyard.

Of course I am in Mississauga right now, so they are adjusting well now because it’s fairly similar to Saskatoon, but when we live in Toronto they are gonna have to get used to a more busy streetscene.

What else?  Oh man, tomorrow I am getting word if I get funded from this place.  I really hope for good news.  I’m worried about the future a lot.  I’ve been doing this gofundme thing, but it’s been a few days since I got a donation.  I think I might be ok for rent and moving, but I don’t know what I will eat.  Or how I will pay for books.  So it’s pretty weird.  Also I read that student loans won’t give you a loan if you defaulted on your previous one, and I did.  It was a 2 or 4 thousand dollar loan, not a lot, but I never made enough money to start paying it off.  I was also on social assistance for a long time.  Which paid barely enough for food clothes and other neccessities along with rent.  So anyway, I don’t know if they will forgive it and give me another loan, or be pissy and tell me to fuck off.

So many things unknown!  And school starts in just over a week!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

On the other hand, I have been having lovely visits with friends, both ones that live here and ones that are visiting from afar.  Little Mister got to meet two of his fans from Berlin, Juli and Liv.  Unfortunately Posey was a jerk and barked at them for a while, her high pitched squeaky bark.  Louis and I went to the AGO and saw the Anishinabe show.  We also just hung out and visited another day.  Did we go for dinner?  It is all becoming a blur!  I’m gonna eventually get to see my friend Margaret, because she comes to Toronto a bunch for work related reasons.

And of course there are good things about school, like that I will be meeting people and working on stuff and learning.  It’s just awkward when all my stuff is in storage and I am living out of a suitcase.  🙁  I really hope we get this place we want.

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