Crunch time!

The countdown is on!  Friday morning at 5:30 the plane will be taking off with me and my two dogs in it, heading for Toronto! I’m getting excited.  I think I will just stay around where my temporary home is on Friday, but Saturday we are going in to Toronto to hunt down a place! I really hope it works out!

My stuff is almost all packed.  There are just a few boxes left that need to be finished.  But there is a lot done!  I am leaving a bunch of video tapes behind.  I figure I can move them when I know which ones I want to keep.  Mom is staying in this house until the spring, so I have that much time at least.

I’m worried about how Posey is gonna be on the plane flight.  She’s gonna hate it, if she hates cars she will hate the plane even more!  But she will be so happy to see me on the other end!  Little Mister I am not too worried about, I think he will be fine.  He takes things in stride a lot easier than Posey.  He was a show puppy in his youth.

Mom says she’s gonna miss Posey.  She has been really funny around here.  She’s such a goofy puppy!  And she has such long legs!

I hope my little fuzzy family is okay!  I worry about them.  I think they will adjust.  It’s just all the unknowns that freak me out!

But everything is gonna change soon, and I think in the end my life will be better for it.  I’ve been wanting to get out of Saskatoon for a long time, and finally I have a chance, so I had better go for it.  And I think there will be more dating options out there, which is really nice.    Whew.

I have to get my phone unlocked, take the pups for kennel cough vaccinations tomorrow, get some medications for the month, finish packing, help the movers take my stuff, and then . . . and then I think I’m done!  Just getting ready for leaving after that!  I think my movers are coming tuesday, I hope it’s then anyway!

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