Monthly Archives: June 2014

Research and things

I’ve spent about 3 hours looking at pictures of space ship interiors, American, Soviet, Russian, everything I could get my eyes on. I think I know what I am looking for now, I read a bit about the Buran space shuttle, which is what the Soviets were working with.  Blah. Research.

I finished watching Orange Is The New Black last night, the end was so good! Go Rosa!

I got some notes on my short sci-fi story. So that’s good, I have some stuff to work on.

Today was a quiet day, we saw Grandpa and Grandma. Mom made us fried chicken. I went on a bus ride. We got some urine destroyer for the dog pees. I envied a happy birthday tutu that was too big for Posey (but so cute!).

I feel like a lot is happening. Is that true? I have a few creative projects going on, I am making my webseries, writing a short story, and getting ready for a ten minute monologue driven performance. I’m also going to Winnipeg for a show this week. Sight is screening on the NSI website on the 16th, and in the middle of this month they are supposed to announce the shortlist for the Future Generation Art Prize (I don’t really expect to be on the shortlist but it is still exciting), Boi Oh Boi is screening at Enzaubert in July and I won’t be there, which is too bad, but it’s ok.

And school is coming up in a matter of weeks. And I have to find a place to live and get my stuff out there in time. The first of September falls on Labour Day, so I should have time to move my stuff from my pod or whatever into my new place. Whew! When things are so uncertain I get really nervous. And I worry and fret. A LOT! I hate not having things all decided already.

Productive Me

We got our status card applications in! 😀 They say two or three months before we get them. WOooooo! FINALLY!

I have been readying myself to make the switch from FCPX to Adobe Premiere, and today I took the first real step, I went to a workshop at PAVED Arts and learned the basics PLUS a bit of effects like colour correction, and also how to find the titler. I’m pretty pumped! I just want to jump into editing something, but my big project hasn’t been shot yet, the script isn’t even done. STILL I may do some practice editing and just make a little silly thing to experiment.

We’ve been keeping the house super clean for viewings. It’s alright. We had to get up at 9am this morning to clean and get out with the pups for a 10am viewing. It was rainy and miserable. And then when we got home I had a nap before my workshop.

I’ve been watching Orange Is The New Black. The writers for that show, man! They write some amazing lines! And I love the casting. It’s pretty much my favorite tv show right now. ESPECIALLY because it is so focused on women’s lives. And like, ALL types of women, EXCEPT I don’t know why there are no Indigenous women. But the USA kind of forgets we exist. I think they are embarrassed of us, you know, with that whole stealing our land and committing genocide thing.

I’m in a good mood. Little bit tired. We had a garage sale yesterday, got rid of some big stuff but a lot of stuff we ended up putting in the car and taking to Value Village. The annoying neighbor kids hung around us THE WHOLE TIME!

Anyway, I feel super productive these days. I’m using this new app called Life Coach, it’s free! It helps you set goals and then make a list of tasks which will help you reach that goal. And it will set up notifications to remind you about reviewing your tasks. It’s really nice to see all of the tasks for a goal finished.

I should go! It’s almost supper time!

10th EPISODE Written!

I wrote the 9th and 10th Episode yesterday. I’m not TOTALLY happy with them, BUT they are first drafts and can get worked on a whole bunch more!  So I am happy about that. I want to get the scripts locked down by the end of the month, so that I can cast and get people to learn their lines. I’m not gonna have it edited by the end of the summer, BUT I should have it shot by the middle of August.

YAY! 😀 Excitement!

I have some other creative things I need to do. Like, I have to write a monologue for a performance in July in Regina. And I have to do some changes on my short story for an anthology.

Tomorrow I am going to Prince Albert! Just Dandy is screening there and they offered me some gas money and stuff to go up. ALSO we are gonna try and apply for our Status Cards. I hope it works this time! We have our Passport Photos and Birth Certificates and our old cards with our Treaty numbers on them and photo ID! 🙂

Anyway, things are nice and busy. My Mom got her grant yesterday! I’m happy for her, she was really worried about money for a while.

I’m thinking of putting another colour in my hair. Then again coloured hair is a drag for upkeep. Then again it looks hot. THEN again I have tattoos and piercings which look hot and don’t require so much fricken work.

I’m excited about the release of Season 2 of Orange Is The New Black. I totally got sucked into Season 1 and I am so curious about what has happened since. Like is so-and-so even alive anymore? SO CURIOUS!

Anyway, I should get ready for bed, it’s an early day for us tomorrow, we have to tidy and get ready for a viewing at 11, then drop pups off at home and go to Prince Albert.

Devil’s Tower Memory

Little Mister and Hermione had a GIANT fight tonight. Little Mister had a chewy and Hermione wanted it and they forgot about it while they battled eachother all over the living room with Mom and I trying to stop them. They were fearsome! I didn’t want to get bit. Mom trying beating them apart with a shoe, then she got a broom and wedged it between them enough that I could pick up a VERY stiff and EXTREMELY angry Little Mister. I put him in time out in his kennel.  Then after about ten minutes I let him out. His ear was all soggy and he had a wet neck. I haven’t checked him close enough yet to see if he has bites, but Mom checked Hermione (who is easier to check because she’s a smooth coat) and she’s got a puncture in her ear. Poor girl.

Anyway, I read how to break up a dog fight for next time. You pick up their back legs, making them stand like little wheel barrows, and then circle them around and away with another person doing the same thing to the other dog. If you are alone you loop a leash around the hindquarters of one and tie them to something, then do the wheelbarrow leg pull with the other dog and get them into kennels. I’m glad I learned something!

We had a viewing between 6 and 7 tonight.  While we waited we took the dogs to Diefenbaker park and sat in a parking lot with some sandwiches and chips and carrots and drinks and nibbled and let the dogs wander around the car.  Miss Posey is getting better in the car, the last two times I have taken her out she hasn’t puked. Her mouth gets super drooly. Hopefully that will stop soon.

I did my nails tonight, the first time in a long time. Revlon’s Moon Candy!

I’m stuck on Episode 9. I’m SUPER stuck! Some stuff gets revealed and I of course want it to be semi factual/realistic even though it’s totally sci fi stuff. I’ve been trying to read a new free NASA ebook, but I’m having a hard time. Maybe I should watch Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind.

The last time I saw that movie, the KOA campground we were at played it every night because we were right under the shadow of Devil’s Tower. It was pretty neat!

It’s weird to think I am leaving town so soon. I don’t have much time, three months. Just under three months. Wow! I have to find a home for me and my pups, and get my stuff from here to there. And get my friend out here to drive it! Wow!

I hope my dogs don’t get really upset, it’s a big change.

And school!  What will that be like? It’s been so long!  Last time I was in school was in 2005! Nine years ago!

I’m glad I am almost done writing my first drafts of my scripts. I really need to get them locked soonish. I’m aiming for the end of the month. Then shooting at the end of July. That would make me only 1 month behind my original plans. 🙂

Well, I guess I should get ready for bed.