Barky Girl

Posey is suspicious of visitors.  My friend Kristen came over today and Posey barked and barked and barked at her.  It drove me crazy, and I couldn’t find her husher, put her outside, brought her back in, almost put her in my room but she weasled out at the last second.

Then she got over it.  Started playing with Little Mister, didn’t seem to care anymore.
But it took half an hour for her to get over it.  I’m not sure what to do.  She doesn’t bite, but she is so obviously distressed by visitors.  And then it’s over.  I really hope she grows out of it.  I should google it, maybe there is something I can do.

My computer was acting up again this morning. I had to reset the SMC. But I fiddled around for an hour before resetting it and it was ridiculous.

Today is the first! 46 days until I’m in Toronto! :O  Woah!  I am hoping that some places become available, I’m gonna check Kijiji and that FB group and the off campus housing property listings on the Ryerson website.  I’m kind of hoping for a bachelor suite, just because I am having figurative nightmares about what it’s gonna be like to integrate my pups into a shared living situation with someone who isn’t their Grandma.  I’m not so worried about Little Mister, he’s mellowed out in his old age.  But Posey, man!  I don’t want her barking at the new roommate or shit like that.

It’s late, I should go to bed.

My Grandma is nearing the end.  And so Auntie is coming in the afternoon.  Mom doesn’t want to deal with a death all on her own.  I really love my Grandma, I want to go see her tomorrow.

Something that has grown to really upset me is how very little the other Grandchildren go to see Grandma and Grandpa.  It’s like they don’t care.  I’m consistently going to see them, but the other grandchildren, nah.  Maybe once every few months.  I go a couple of times a week, minimum.  It’s one of the things I feel regret about leaving town, because after I’m gone there won’t be any grandchildren going to visit on a regular basis.  And it’s not a chore, I like going to see them, they were super involved in raising me as a little girl because my Mom was a single parent.  Anyway, it’s been on my mind.  But all I can do is visit as much as I can before I leave.

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