Needy Dogs!

Posey is draped across my shoulders and having a snooze. It’s almost bedtime.

My cousin Theresa has asked if I want to look for a place with her, and we get along and both have dogs and also she lives nearer/pretty-much in Toronto than I, so she can actually go to these places and look at them. She doesn’t have a camera tho, so I’m gonna have to depend on her having good taste in housing. I think it will be really good, she is more savvy about Toronto living than I am.

I went for my training tonight, I learned how to use the cash register, it’s super easy this year, and I saw the schedule. Five 8 hour shifts and one 6 hour shift.  And 3 hours for training, so I should make almost 500 bucks. Which will help A LOT! Plus I get reimbursed 35 bucks for my criminal record check. Yay for money!

Mom took the house off the market, she wants to do some renovations and get the house price up. Then she’s gonna sell it, so I hope that all works out well for her.

Little Mister was being super cute today. I had to talk with my cousin in the basement on Mom’s computer because mine is having issues, and he kept coming into the room and wagging his little fuzzy tail.

I have to take my computer to Neural Net tomorrow to get it worked on. It’s having mega issues and I am gonna have to suck it up and use my phone instead for a while.

I got mail from Canada Revenue the other day, I had a 328 dollar return, BUT because I owe money from an EI overpayment, it all went to that debt. BOOOOOO! BUT I should also get some GST.

Okay, now my pup is wiggling around, so I should get her to bed.

In bed! 😀

I don’t know what else to add.  I’ve been super busy the last few days, but once my computer is fixed I’m gonna do some writing for a while. I have to rewrite my scripts and story, and write a monologue.  It will be easy now that we aren’t getting the place ready for viewings all the time.

I love my dogs. They’re so great. I’m glad I will get to take them with me. Some people don’t like dogs because they are so needy, but they don’t bother me when they are always wanting to be close. I think it’s cute.

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