Posey’s being a jerk!

Tonight I finally got to see Maleficent! 😀  I was totally satisfied with it!  Cute Angelina, good story, excellent effects.  🙂 But I was anticipating it so much that it could have been Maleficent rolling around on the floor with her crow and I would have been “That’s the best film ever!”

I’m ready to write Episode 6, but not tonight because I am super tired.  Today was busy, I mowed the front and back lawns, made Deanna’s bed, cleaned the bathroom and my room, and did some general tidying in time for the 6:30 showing of our house.  And then we went to a drive thru for dinner with the pups, and dropped them off at home and then went to our movie!

I’m really tired!  I think I will go to bed right away.  I felt pretty good today. I think my depression is going away. I’m feeling more hopeful.  And I got a $50 raise in my monthly cheque from SAID, which is super nice. Second time they have given me a raise! 😀

I can feel sleep sneaking up on me, I’m gonna move to my bed and try and finish this post.

Okay, where was I?  I don’t really have much else to report for today. I was busy. Tomorrow I am going to Concurrent Disorders. I haven’t decided between education or support. I was feeling like I needed support last week, but this week I am not sure.

Tomorrow I am going to the horse track hopefully! I like being there, making a couple cheapy bets, watching the horses, taking in the milleiu! 🙂

Well, that’s enough for today. Nothing super exciting except I got to see Maleficent!

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