Dreams of Trixie

I’m a little bit depressed.  It just came out of the blue, so I’m not sure what it’s about.  I’m keeping an eye on it.

Last night I had a convoluted dream about being at a major film festival and doing an interview on the red carpet and then suddenly I was on a film set defending a stunt woman who had been told “Your job could be done by monkey wrenches!”  And I was like “Well why don’t you cast a movie with all monkey wrenches then!”

And then I was having an erotic dream with Trixie from Call The Midwife!  It was pretty hot.

I had a hard time waking up today, maybe because my dreams were so interesting.

So far only one person has come to see the house since it went back on the market.  Tonight two people are coming.

It’s so hot today, I’m outside, there’s a nice breeze going through the sunporch.  Pretty sweet.

I wanted to go to Concurrent Disorders today, but I slept in too late.  I guess it’s ok.  I will deal.

Later in the day:

Two more viewings.  A family came tonight, Mom really wants to sell it to a family.

I think I know why I am depressed.  Things are changing.  Like, A LOT of things are changing.  Mom is selling her house and moving to a condo.  I am moving to Toronto at the end of the summer and starting school.  Grandma isn’t doing well, because she is very old and confused.  I’m gonna miss my Mom a lot.  And my other friends here in Saskatoon.  I feel guilty about separating Hermione and Posey, because they love each other so much.

But change is part of life.

Two days later:

Man, I am so bad at writing these things in one day!  I’ve left and come back to this post over and over!

I am one page away from writing the second episode of my webseries.  It’s very factual right now so I’m doing a lot of research while I write, it’s not flowing as easily as I think it will when I get into the fictional parts of scifi.

I’m feeling better today.  I got some good news about two of my videos.  One is that Just Dandy got a really good reception in Montreal, so I am happy about that.  And I can’t say the other good news yet.  But that is ok.

Posey chewed on Mom’s glasses today and made chew marks on the bottoms of her lenses.  So I have to pay for new lenses.  What a drag! It’s gonna cost almost as much as Posey cost in the beginning!  NOOOOOOO!

I’ve been liking all the smells of fires outside this past weekend.  It was nice and hot.  Like summer.  I love summer.

Anyway, I should post this before I wander away and leave it for two days again!

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