Do it in the water, it’s where you otter!

I forget where I left off.  Mother’s Day?

The house has been sold.  It sold in two days from when it was officially put on the market.  Tomorrow is the home inspection, which is pretty much the last condition that must be met before a sold sign gets put on the Century 21 sign.

The dogs are doing well.  I was reading facebook and someone posted about the six “lost” dogs who were supposedly stolen from a dogwalker’s truck.  Turns out the dogwalker left them in the truck in the heat and they all died.  And then she dumped them in a ditch to cover up what happened.  Such a sad story.  It really makes me not want to hire a dog walker.  I’ve heard other stories about dog walker’s dogs getting stolen or having unfortunate ends, and it really worries me.  I guess Little Mister and The Pose will always be walked by me.  Oh, but having a friend look after just the two of them is different.  Different than having six dogs or eight dogs!

I got my first rough draft of my story finished and sent to my editor, he’s gonna snail mail me some hard copy feedback edit.  So I’m looking forward to that, I’ve never worked with an editor like that before, I’m totally interested!

I went to Queer City Cinema this past weekend and had a good time.  Saw some good films, some odd films, a good mix of stuff.  Showed Just Dandy and got a good response, which was nice.

I also learned that the playa which Burning Man happens on has the same dust as in drywall.  And I also heard that they used to do nuclear testing on it, so it’s radioactive as well!  Yikes!  Makes me glad I have never gone!

Although I have just read about the Nevada Test Site and I think that’s somewhere else, BUT there is probably fallout on the Playa.  ALSO I found out while reading about the Nevada Test Site that people in Las Vegas used to watch mushroom clouds from their hotel rooms.  That would be SO EERIE!  I think I would freak if I saw a mushroom cloud.

I don’t remember if I used to have dreams of atomic war as a kid, although I wouldn’t be surprised if I did because I grew up during the Cold War and being a Canadian we were always being reminded that we were right IN THE MIDDLE of the paths of various nukes.  Coming from the Soviet Union, Coming from the Americans, a stray bomb could hit us at any time in the barrage of missles.  Anyway, the funny thing is that I now have a LOT of dreams about aliens invading.  Like, a shit ton of dreams.  And sometimes they seem like they are helpful, but still they are aliens and scare me and I’m always like, in a parking lot pointing up at the sky as they are coming down and showing other people where they are.

I have never seen a mushroom cloud in person.  But I have seen UFO’s.  So it kinda makes sense that I would dream of aliens more than atomic weapons.

I found out today that Corner Gas The Movie is gonna be shot in Saskatchewan soon!  Pretty exciting!  I love Corner Gas.

I’m WAY behind on my webseries.  I totally have to get to work.  I’m a little bit stuck.  And I used to have so many ideas around it, and now they are stalled.  SO that’s something I have to work on.

Posey likes laying on the floor at my feet.  It’s super adorable.

Here’s a film about atomic war, it was my favorite when I was a kid!

Well pull my lips off!

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