List and thoughts

It’s two in the morning.  I realized I really need to put rules around my gambling.  I’m doing it too much.  BUT I’m gonna try harm reduction stuff and do things like leave my bank card at home when I go to the casino, and have limits on lottery tickets.

I also need to write a list of things to do.  So I am writing it here to make myself accountable.

1. Put my name on more waiting lists for co-ops in Toronto.

2. Do at least five years of back taxes so I can get my refund from Sasktel money and some GST payments.

3. Write everyday!  Even if it’s only for an hour!

4. Ummm, I can’t think of a fourth.

Anyway, it’s late.  I need to redirect my obsessions/addictions to something less costly.  Maybe I will masturbate more.  But I’m in Mom’s house, it’s awkward, I only feel comfortable when everyone’s asleep.

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