Cleaning House

I’ve been helping Mom get her house ready to sell.  She has found a two bedroom condo that she has a really good chance of being able to buy, provided she sells this house.  So there has been a lot of searching for flooring, trips to Home Depot, cleaning and sorting.  I had about fifteen boxes in the basement which have been sitting down there for ages, and I ended up FINALLY going through them and deciding what to move and what to throw out, or sell in our upcoming garage sale.  There were many spiders.  I only ever saw flashes of them running away.  BUT I have pared my belongings down.  Now I just need to go through about five boxes of papers and magazines and stuff.  I’m going to go through them upstairs with Mom’s shredder next to me.  Shred old bills and film school handouts that I don’t need anymore.  And bank statements.  And stuff like that.

I have also been helping get the interior of her house looking good.  I washed walls so she could paint, and I polyfilla’d some holes and dings, and put new fluorescent tubes in the sunshine ceiling in the kitchen.  It changes the place DRASTICALLY!  I mean, we were down to one bulb, and it was just getting dimmer and dimmer in there.  I also have to wash the fan blades, and help with decluttering.  And in ten days I have to keep the house SPOTLESS for when it goes on the market and people are coming in and looking at it.  We will have six weeks to sell it, then our job will be packing things up and throwing things away and selling stuff and giving stuff away for free.

I have a lot of old Filmmaker magazines I don’t want to take with me.  I might keep the Fortean Times tho.  I really need to work on it.

It’s getting so nice here!  Finally plus temperatures!  There’s still some snow drifts hanging out in the shady spots, but they will be gone soon.

One nice thing about doing such a deep clean, especially with the basement boxes, is that I have found some stuff I was really missing!  Like I found a sock monkey my friend Louis made for me, and I found a nice shirt from Lane Bryant I had been missing for almost a year, and I found my special rock I was missing for ages.  I really love that rock!  I found it when I was about twelve or so, and it always had this feeling like it held secrets.  For instance, it’s got a bluey grey surface, but when you hold it in front of the sun light can go through it and it’s sort of a golden colour.  I’m not sure what it is, Mom thinks it’s amber.  But I’ve always had it, and sometimes it disappears and I worry it’s gone forever but it always comes back!  It’s magic!

I also found a lot of old video tapes, film reels, and cassette tapes.  And some DAT tapes and a 1GB thingly doo!  Some of that I won’t be able to use, BUT because of my paranoia about letting go of crucial media, I am keeping it.

Keep all the things!

But stuff I moved like old candles and other crap, that can go away.  Nobody needs that.  I don’t need to move it.  BUT photos and the like, I’ll keep that.

I’m wiped.  I gotta go sleep.  Posey is getting a longer snout, it’s quite cute. She’s laying in my lap, having a snooze!

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