Posey got spayed!  She did ok, she’s in a cone and stoned.  I was hand feeding her because she was so pitiful.  Poor baby!  Right now she is curled up in her little bed.  She’s such a cutie pie.  I got her name tag for her finally.  The machine wasn’t calibrated properly so the engraving was off by a couple millimeters.  So the 3 in 306 was cut off a little bit.  BUT I think it should be ok.  Maybe I will get another one someday, they get worn pretty fast anyway.

Poor Posey!  I have another vet appointment with her in a while, I should find out when that is!

I’m working on a grant and I have a really LIMITED amount of time to do it in.  I didn’t check the grant deadlines until yesterday, only to discover the deadline for scriptwriting isn’t March 31, it’s March 1st!  FUCK!  Uuuuuh.  So I have that to do this weekend.  I am lucky it falls on a Saturday because now I have until Monday to get it postmarked and in the mail.  I wrote the Project Description this morning.  I am letting it marinate in my mind for a while then coming back to it. For most of tonight I will be getting other things ready, like my resume and support material and budget.  The budget will be easy peasy because I am just asking for living costs.

IF I didn’t need this grant so much for the fall I wouldn’t really care about missing this deadline, but it would REALLY HELP with my plans to get out of Saskatoon and work on a project I have been talking about for years.  My admission into Grad School is still up in the air.  I’ve been rejected three times at three other programs so I feel really dubious.  Even if I did get into Grad School, I still need money to move my stuff and my dogs to Toronto.  So yeah.  I am hoping I win the lottery tonight, if I do I won’t even bother with this application.


I didn’t win the lottery.  BOOOOOOO!

I just took my mom to the airport, I have to go get some groceries and a usb stick and some puffy envelopes for my grant.  I’m nearly done, I just need to edit the project description.  Add some, take some out.  Snip snip.  Make it look like a really delicious project.

The dogs are well.  I am well.  Baby is getting her next painkiller.  I should get back to work.  I will write again later!

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