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Summer Job Year Two!

So it looks like I will have my part time summer job again, wandering Riversdale looking for used needles! It was a fun job to have last year. I really liked it. It was like a treasure hunt, only the treasures were USED NEEDLES! And I’m not afraid of picking them up. I’ll have to work longer in the evenings three days a week, what with my other job of editing videos. Which is starting to come together. Right now I am working on a project. I have to get at least four more hours of work in this weekend to keep up. That’s okay. I’m going to try and keep up with my job and really get some hours in so I have enough to go to Germany this June/July!

I’m excited to have my summer job back! I wonder where this years hot spots will be? I know a lot of them from last year when I was working. The only time something dodgy happened to me last year was when I found a needle and then a wasp chased me away and was like, stinging me and stuff! For the most part people in that neighborhood are happy someone is getting rid of potentially biohazardous materials. They are very respectful and tell you where they have seen needles. Because everyone has a stake in their community, no matter how poor those people are. Sometimes people think poor people don’t care about where they live, but that is so not true. People care. People don’t want their kids jabbing themselves on some strangers needles.

And I liked walking for three hours a day three days a week. It was good for me, got me some kind of fitness level. It made me not so sedentary. I never cared that I was chubby, but not being completely sedentary made me feel pretty good.

My job is awesome, my editing job I mean! I am excited about it! Lots of stuff to do! My needle pick up job is awesome too, but I am right now only doing the editing job. It’s been all importing footage so far. But I feel pretty happy knowing there is a lot of footage to pull stuff from, and the footage looks good! It’s all high definition, which is REALLY nice!

I’m starting to realize that just maybe I will be able to have a fully functioning editing company. So far it has been very abstract. But now after doing a bazillion things like incorporating and getting a business license and a bank account and so on and so forth all on my own money, I think I will be able to do it! This is the first time I will have money coming in from an external source.

I got an accounting program for my Mac FINALLY! It’s AccountEdge and so far it is really user friendly! Except when I went to register the damn thing, it kept telling me “You must be an administrator” and I AM! Then after an hour of trying to troubleshoot I read the email I got when I upgraded it and it said to wait a whole day before registering! Fricken fracken hell! Anyway, expect to hear more about my accounting software. Neural Net, the Mac store in town, uses it, so I figured if it’s good enough for them then it’s good enough for me!

I have to clean my office tomorrow because my client is coming in on Wednesday to sit with me and do some editing. I’m not sure how long she is planning on staying but I’d better make it nice in here! Right now it looks terrible.

I got my criminal record check today for the needle job, I had one last year but they needed a newer one within the last six months. No crimes for me! 😀 I have a nice clean record.

I am importing my 4th to last tape right now! Exciting! I have done so many hours of importing! 19.5! Including some setting up and stuff. Rewinding. Blah de blah. I’m stoked to get started on really editing, there is some more material coming soon. Finally I get to do my job!

I have been writing this for days. I keep saving it and then writing some more. Today is the first day I have worked in my office, before I was using the kitchen table. I really like it! It’s nice to be away from everybody. In my own quiet space. As messy as it is. It will be clean soon!

I need to gather my receipts for my business. I spent practically 600 bucks on that damn accounting software, but it was and will be worth it. And I will be able to pay myself back with the money I am making now. I am also considering buying a nice external monitor later on. I also have to send off a cheque for an ad I placed in the Pride Guide. It’s kind of a silly ad, I have a couple regrets about how I placed the words, but whatever. It’s all spelled correctly!

So running a business is a lot of work!

Also I have to pay myself back for the 2400 I spent on this computer. I need the money to pay for Life In Germany this summer. I am thinking of extending my ticket and flying out of Berlin so I can spend five days there after my residency is done. Also because my friend will be in Finland for most of the time I am there and I want to see her and her dogs! I have other friends to visit there too though. Either way, another five days wouldn’t hurt. It might test my sense of homesickness though. I get homesick so easy. I’m such a Canadian. I feel sad when I am physically away from the land. I would make a terrible astronaut.

So life is exciting right now, and giving me a sense of purpose. I also have to start writing my script for my butch video. I’m going to be really busy these next couple of months. My birthday is in ten days! 😀 I will be 34. Mid thirties! :O Shit, that reminds me, I have to call the government and pay them back an EI overpayment from when I went to Germany and therefore wasn’t supposed to get EI while I was gone. I should look for that letter! I’m glad I’m not on EI now. EI sucks, I hate doing the reports, and they only let you be sick for so long, 15 weeks. And recovering from a manic episode takes more than 15 weeks.

SO yeah! I gotta dash, the important part of this video that I need to watch is coming up in 2 minutes! And then I am down to my last three tapes which I will do tomorrow. YAYS! 😀

Masturbation is Divine and Helps You Get To Sleep!

For my prudey readers, you might want to skip this post! For the rest of you, I had the first intensely gratifying sexual experience Sunday night in a really LONG time! I did have sex with someone else last summer and that was hot, but I am talking in this instance of my solitary sex life. Which has been lacking.

I don’t know why masturbation is such a taboo topic, when we are encouraged to talk about uplifting sexual experiences with other people. Maybe because solitary sex is supposed to be guilty and super quiet because there’s the assumption you are pitiful if you can’t have sex with other people. But I have been inspired as of late with my friend Shavonne who is always posting about masturbating and how her bed smells like vag! I’m impressed even, because she always has a sense of joie de vivre about her solitary sex life and no shame!

I used to have a really good solitary sex life, in my early twenties. I was away from home in my own apartment and had marathon masturbating sessions with various techniques, experimenting with my body and various implements, from ginger figs to my first (and second, and third) dildos to clothespins to . . . well once I eyed my telephone up quite lovingly, not for phone sex as you would understand it but more because the handset was curved in a pleasing way. But I didn’t go that far. I kind of regret it now. I used vibrators and candle wax and all kinds of things. And then what happened?

In the last few years my masturbation has been utilitarian and rote. Just a buzz of my vibrator before I fall asleep, trying to think of just the right fantasy to get me off and usually being frustrated because my fantasies are all boring now. I need to expand on them, or so I thought.

BUT THEN Sunday night I was kinda horny and got out the lube and my new glass dildo which I got at Taboo but hadn’t used yet. And I used it and my vibrator and had an EXPLOSIVE orgasm that made me all glowy the next day. I hadn’t penetrated myself in a REALLY LONG TIME and it was amazing! That night I had dreams about using my glass dildo AND my vibrating clit pump I got from Berlin last year, which I was all excited about doing last night except I ended up sleeping over at a friend’s house. I admit, I almost wanted my friend to drive me home JUST so I could masturbate all over again, but I didn’t ask her to. Tonight I expect to have a special moment all to myself.

The funny thing was my fantasies weren’t so all important when I was fucking myself with a glass dildo and using a vibrator on my clit, they all got lost in just the pure sensation of SEX! SEX! I had forgotten that having sex by myself could be hot like that, it had just become this thing I did in the dark with a vibrator set to high while I fumbled around in my brain trying to think of the thing that would tip me over the edge.

And what really impressed me was how much it boosted my libido to have such a fulfilling experience by myself. I wanted more MORE MORE! And not even necessarily with other people, I’m perfectly content to be sexual on my own.

I wasn’t masturbating much these days, maybe a couple times a week. Because it was so BORING! But this getting into my toys again has reignited my solitary passions. I am already going over my inventory in my head thinking of what toys to mix and match tonight. And I also know that by doing that I will increase my own imagination for things to do with a lover, whenever that happens.

We need to talk about masturbation more, I think. We need to share tips for masturbating creatively. We need to get rid of this antiquated idea that masturbating is solely for pathetic people who can’t get girlfriends (or boyfriends), as if being single and sexual is a pathetic thing. I refuse to wait for a lover to pull on my nipple clamps while gliding a strap on in and out of me! Like most things in my life, I’m just gonna do it myself!

And why oh why when I wanted to tell everyone what great sex I had Sunday night, I felt sheepish, until I blurted it all out on Shavonne’s wall on Monday! It really did make me want to go tell it on the mountain “GLASS DILDOS ARE AMAZING EVERYBODY!”

Masturbation IS sex, sex doesn’t always require another person. And dammit, I am going to have a good sex life from now on! I have seen the light, and it is a six inch ridged blue and clear glass dildo! Plus the rest of my army of toys! 😀

Don’t go breaking my heart! I couldn’t if I tried!

So anyway, Happy Easter all my readers! It has been a while since I wrote. Let’s see, what is new? Well, I have another job, not a JOB job but some work for my company. It’s pretty exciting, I am looking forward to getting started. Work work work! Gonna be about 20 to 25 days of work, and will help me pay off some debts and go to Germany and get through the summer without resorting to Welfare. Hooray! 😀

I drove all the way deep into the westside today to pick up my older sister Sky and bring her home. She thought it was pretty funny that I was driving. At first she was annoyed Mum wasn’t there to pick her up, but she got over it. Then Steven drank all the wine last night meant for Sunday dinner, so I drove to two liquor stores, which were both closed, then went to the offsale, then went out to the reserve for cheap smokes. I am trying to come up with a good quit date soon. Before my birthday.

I forgot a few morning meds last week, which made me moody. But this week I have been pretty good at taking them, except for one day. Saturday morning I forgot.

Thursday night I got spectacularly drunk with my cousins as it was Deanna’s last night in town. I was so exhausted the next day. Then I was a designated driver on Friday night and took my friend Laurel to four bars! I drank pepsi and coke and one red bull. Actually I was exhausted the day after that too!

Baby got attacked by his dog a week and a half ago. He looks much better now, but when it first happened he was so red and oozing blood out of his nose and his lip was drooping so much because it was so swollen. Never leave your child alone with a dog, no matter how well you think you know that dog! The vet wants to get the dog fixed and give it to a different home. I dunno. I still think it would be better to put it down. He’s 11 years old! And the injuries he inflicted on Baby were pretty bad! 18 stitches! Did you know they give children morphine and ketamine for injuries on little children like that? I did not know they used ketamine.

Anyway, Baby is still a happy go lucky kinda kid. Today Mister was kissing me and Baby said “Dog bites lip!”

I got my grant sent away. Three grant applications in three years. I dunno! We will see what happens. I hope no traditionalist tries to stomp on my dreams! Traditionalists are to Indian Country as Fundamentalists are to Christians. They seem to be exceedingly conservative and homophobic. And they are always trying to tell other Indians how to be a real Indian.

I hate when people try to define what is a real whatever. Real lesbians, Real Women, Real Indians, Real this real that. Really just shut the front door! Humph!

I still haven’t had my date yet, BUT there are murmurings that next weekend she’s gonna come up here and we are going to sit in my hot tub and drink lovely drinks and maybe make out? I hope! So I guess we’ll see what happens.

I’m doing good. I was weakening on my resolve not to have any pot on Thursday night, but oddly enough my cousin who’s a major chronic and says anti-marijuana facts are a government conspiracy talked me out of smoking up with them when I was drunk and wanted to. THEN the next day I found a roach in my raincoat pocket from last year and I threw it in the garbage! Woot!

So that’s still good. It was eleven weeks last Wednesday at noon since I smoked up last! ELEVEN WEEKS! I should have got my 60 day chip already, but I haven’t been going to NA. I haven’t been going to concurrent disorders either. They weren’t running it this last friday anyway, but I really should go. It helps. I don’t go to the bipolar group, I am thinking maybe I should again. It was pretty nice. Except they say eating nuts makes you fat. A lot of people with bipolar worry about their weight because the meds pack on pounds. I don’t mind being fat, although I have shrunk a bit. Being fat is kinda sexy!

Actually being fat is really sexy, I really like bigger girls. They are more curvy and delicious!

But any size can be sexy, it all depends on the personality.

Velveeta was skinny and she’s pretty sexy. I should give her a call! I should also call Stef. And Robin. And Lynn. I wonder if any of them would be into skyping sometime? OOh, and Margaret. I have to make my rounds with my long distance friends.

I think my business might just work out. I guess I will find out soon! According to my psychic it will improve. I just have to FOCUS! She even said I could have it in two locations later on if I wanted. I am considering getting a partner to run it here in Saskatoon while I open another location in Toronto. But that’s still a ways off!