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Continuing Progress

Today is day 12. Almost two weeks clean! I am finally getting some real time from the last time I smoked up. I have had some dreams that are pretty vivid, but not a LOT of dreams. My mom noticed my teeth have gotten significantly whiter. Today I did some work on my contract and registered for a gst number for my business and went to the gym. I chickened out from doing a full 20 minutes on the elliptical though. On Saturday I went to the gym with some girls and did 20 minutes, and it was really good, but I just wasn’t able to go that far today.

I had a short craving today for weed when I looked wistfully at the place I used to stand and smoke, but I shook it off and told myself I don’t smoke anymore, and that satisfied me enough that I didn’t think about it again.

I am keeping myself really busy, and that has helped a lot. Going to the gym, doing work related stuff, reading about marijuana addiction online, running errands, keeping myself clean, I haven’t knit in a while but I plan to do more of that too.

I got 15 dollars worth of change the other day and I traded it with my mom and cousin for 3 five dollar bills. In the past I would have searched out someone who would sell me a piddly 15 dollars worth of weed, but that’s history. I didn’t need smokes either since I haven’t smoked since December 6th. So I still have fifteen dollars in my purse. I don’t know what I will spend it on. I don’t feel like buying beer. I do have things I need to get, but they require more than 15 dollars, so until then it is just this small amount of disposable income I have. I might stick it in a jar and save it for something. Or I could buy an iTunes card, which actually makes some sense, considering I have a new computer and need some tunes on it.

I know there are things I have to develop now that I am committing to a weed-free lifestyle. Going to the gym has been really nice, it is getting me in touch with my body. Actually, if I just had 15 more dollars I could pay for someone at a leisure centre to introduce me to the weight room and working out with weights, which is good for sculpting your body. And I have noticed a slight change in my muscle definition in my upper arms from doing the elliptical. It’s something I wanted to learn.

I’m not feeling trapped in terrible thoughts like I was when I used. Sometimes I would just start thinking about all kinds of negative things and get stuck there when I was stoned. Being stoned doesn’t always mean being happy, actually in the end I got depressed when I used.

I hear working out is really good when you are detoxing from marijuana, and for me that has proven to be true. I like the endorphins I get, and it has really kept down the cravings.

I have finally found some good websites to read while I do this. The University of Notre Dame has a really good webpage for the first 30 days clean, you are supposed to read one page every day and it gives you advice. I found it on day 8, but I bookmarked it and have been visiting it diligently everyday since.

It seems like a lot has changed in the last couple of months. And to think it all started with quitting smoking. It’s pretty amazing. I really hope things stay good, that I stay quit and clean and go to the gym on a regular basis and continue to knit and build up my work ethic again. I used to have an awesome work ethic. It piddled out in 2003 when I had my episode and was super chronic. I’ve got to get it back. I think it is coming back, I like the work I am doing now, my business is something I am passionate about and I know I am lucky because not many people get to do what they love for a living.

My big love did write back. She said she didn’t think us seeing each other was a good idea yet, and I actually had to agree. I feel like I need to work on myself a bit more before I can see her. But I was happy she said yet, because that means there might be a time in the future when it will be a good idea for us to hang out. And she does mean a lot to me.

Day 9 – Feelings, nothing more than feelings!

Being a chronic dulls a lot of emotions. This is good and bad. It’s good because all those bad emotions like sadness and anger are dulled out and you don’t really care about it. Bad because those good feelings are ALSO dulled out. Also not feeling and thus not working through “negative” emotions keeps you stagnant.

I am having regular emotions again.

I get sad and angry and happy and content and all kinds of things I forgot I could feel. Sometimes I get surprised by tiny tears forming in my eyes because I am feeling something. And it’s not necessarily something that is even happening NOW, it could be something from the past that I haven’t thought about in a long time.

The other day I was thinking about my cousin Christopher who fell to his death in an industrial accident in 2006. I thought about the feeling of falling and the impossibility of saving oneself and I thought about how scary that must have been for him, and it made me really upset. Intellectually when it happened I knew all that, but for the first time I really really FELT it. And that shocked me. It was such a surprise because it has been six years and it felt so long ago now but I was a heavy user even then and I don’t think I really processed it the way I should have at the time.

That kind of thing is going to keep happening to me, I know it. And I really can’t do much else besides work through those feelings. I can’t just switch to another substance and numb myself out, I have to confront all these old feelings I didn’t feel.

I’m a bit worried. I feel like I didn’t cry as much as I should have/would have about my last break up, and I am worried it is really going to hit me and make me upset all over again, in a deeper more fundamental way than when it was actually happening.

BUT I am also feeling this profound sense of joy and excitement about my life, like I am really living, REALLY living! And that also makes me feel a sense of awe, like I have potential I had forgotten about. When I was just starting my video/film career I was so optimistic and had big dreams, and I never really lost those dreams, but I lost the motivation and focus to actualize them. And for the first time in a while I feel hope, hope that I can actually get my career back on track and make something out of myself. I feel like I really could make a low budget guerrilla feature film that could get some attention. I feel like I just might be able to change the world in some way through my art.

And for the first time I have some positive thoughts about moving out of my Mom’s house, like I could manage to earn enough of a living to pay for a rental property with a yard for Mister and get a queer/native roommate to help cover the rent. Like I could really live on my own again and even keep the place clean and make my own dinners. It’s not going to happen right away, not for months. But I think it will happen. I can see it happening. I might even make enough to get a down payment on my own house in five years, which is something I really want.

Things are looking up. But this will mean I have to emotionally grow, and growth can be painful sometimes. Still, these feelings mean more to me than any high I got from pot. I think the only high I ever really liked was when I was 19 and went to the laser light show. But the rest of them are forgettable. Completely forgettable. Just something I did. I used to think really good things about weed. Now I just see how many hours and years I wasted getting stoned instead of having a life. I tolerated so much crap getting stoned. Crappy surroundings, crappy conversations, crappy food, crappy movies. I used to watch CSI and get stoned and forget how it ended and always be surprised when that episode came on again.

I don’t know what else to write about today. I’m seeing my psychic so soon! I hope she says good things, although I know she is a realist who will tell me exactly what is going on. That’s good though. I need to know that stuff.

I’m lonely for a girlfriend. But maybe I’m not even ready for one yet? I don’t know. I think I could handle it. I think I could finally be a good girlfriend. I just don’t know who.

I asked the love of my life if she wanted to spend time with me again. She just didn’t respond at all. I can live with that. I think I will end up with the right woman, and maybe it isn’t even her. Maybe there is someone I don’t even know yet.

I have a more reliable gym buddy now, although she is leaving in a few months. But today we sat in the sauna after working out and it was awesome!

I am also thinking of getting Rosetta Stone and learning more German. More than my teeny tiny amount of German, I would like to be able to have a rudimentary conversation when I am in Hamburg this summer.

I finished a short Super 8 film which screened in Toronto tonight, and this spring/summer will be making a short video about being Butch and considering transitioning to male before changing my mind. And this spring I am putting in a grant application to the Canada Council to finally make Bunnyhug, with the most money you can get from the CC in Media Arts, but which is a far cry from the 250,000 digital low budget feature I could have made with CFC if only they had accepted my application. I am feeling pretty excited about all this creative output, and I think now that I have gotten clean, it is all realistic.

That’s what’s up. Things are going to keep changing, I know it. I just have to be prepared to ride it out and learn how to deal with life, sans weed.

Entrepreneurial Spirit!

I’m working out later today, which makes me happy, but I am also happy about new developments with my video editing company, because I have a contract for a job! I met with my client today and went over the project and got the footage to import and the price was agreeable to her and so IT’S ON! This means several good things. One: I don’t have to dip into my living allowance to pay for my company’s MacBook Pro. Two: I will be able to afford to get Final Cut Pro X and renew my Incorporation for the year (I incorporated last year on Valentines Day!). And Three: I will be able to pay my web designer, who also did my logo and business cards, and we will both be happy! Besides that when I get paid all the money I will be able to put some more into equipment for my business and save up some for future pay cheques to myself. I have to make a living and my income is only guaranteed until the end of July. So I hope more work comes in and hopefully at the end my client will let me use an excerpt for my reel on my website. ‘Cause I don’t think it’s very enticing for a video editing company to not have a reel on their website.

For the first time in a long while I feel optimistic about my company. I have crappy credit so I wasn’t able to get a loan, but a while ago at the last meeting with the people at Praxis School of Entrepreneurship one of the people said I should use my companies income to purchase capital. But it was always a bit of a chicken and egg thing: I needed equipment to do work but I couldn’t get the equipment unless I had work. UGH! But financially things have been going my way these days, which is a relief!

I’m so happy that I almost feel manic, although I know I am not because I have been diligent about taking my medication and I am not having bizarro thoughts of being uber special or things like that, getting messages, blah blah blah. Things are just working really well for me right now.

I think finally quitting pot has really helped. It would make me depressed and focus on the bad things in life, and my self esteem as a pot head wasn’t good either. This clear feeling is miles better than the stoned feeling actually, I don’t have that sense of guilt hanging over my head. And my feelings are REAL. It’s a little weird adjusting to having emotions that aren’t dulled and hazy. It’s only been 8 days, I think at 14 days I will start noticing more differences, because that will be a long time, for me, to be clean.

Exercising has been really good for me too, I was always told it was a good mood stabilizer, but I never got into it, probably because I was smoking up and too lazy and apathetic to get to the gym or go for long walks. It increases my confidence too, to know I can go through a full body workout on the elliptical for fifteen minutes, or to do five minutes on the treadmill at 3.5 mph before going back down to 3 mph for ten. It’s nice to set these little goals and actually reach them.

Now I am going to be using my brain for work, which also makes me feel pretty good. I get to exercise my creativity and logic and all those cerebral things involved in editing. And clearly being clean is REALLY good for that.

I hope this works out. I would hate to look for a J.O.B. job. Working for myself feels pretty good, although realistically I acknowledge my clients are my bosses while I’m doing a contract. My psychic once said I would live a comfortable life. So maybe I really will finally be able to be an editor, like I always wanted! It’s my all time dream job.

I’m seeing my psychic soon! Woooooooooooooooo! I am so curious to find out what she has to say about my life now that all these things have happened in the last five years!

I still want to make a five year plan. I really should do that.

Woot! A Happy Thirza makes for a Happy World

I’ve been having a really good day. I learned how to find Requests for Proposals online and how to read the RFP and how to write a proposal. So that was good. Then I went home for lunch and then went back out to see my Psych Nurse. I told her about all the good things going on in my life, like staying Quit for cigarettes for seven weeks, and quitting MJ last Wednesday and getting exercise at the Leisure Centres. She told me I was looking really good and asked for the name of the book that made me decide to get clean. And she gave me a CD to listen to when I am falling asleep to help me relax.

Then I came home and played with my new Macbook Pro (!!!!) and we went out for dinner to Prairie Ink. Then I came home and did some work typing up notes for my Mom’s Indian Art History Class (I learned a lot about the Kwakiutl!) and then I did 1.48 miles on the treadmill in half an hour and burned 181 calories and sweated sweated sweated. It made me feel pretty good. THEN I got a request for a quote for my company. My first client! So stoked, I finally get to do some work! It’s for a 90 minute documentary. Pretty exciting!

So it’s been a good day. I also registered for an introductory workshop in Adobe After Effects, which would bring up my skill set and allow me to do more advanced editing and video manipulation. I’m happy about that.

Things are looking up! And you know, quitting weed hasn’t been as hard as quitting cigarettes. Quitting cigarettes was so hard the first few weeks. It’s gotten miles easier now, but the first bit was awful, even though I really wanted to quit for so long. I am hoping staying clean works out for me, because I can already tell I am much more productive and excited about things than I was before. Also I am smarter and have more energy and just feel pretty good.

Doing exercise to get endorphin highs and to help myself detox from mj is working pretty good. I really like it. I used to hate exercise. And I didn’t want to be a fat hating fatty trying to get all skinny. But now I think I have better reasons to work out than changing my body. Although I would like to get into some weight lifting just to build up some muscle mass, like those cute muscles just below the shoulder on my arms.

Life is good. My super 8 film “Sight” is screening at the 8 fest in Toronto this Friday at 11pm. I hope the screening goes well. It’s kind of a heavy little film, 3 min 23 sec. It might actually be 3 seconds longer than the film, I tried to time it right but I am not sure. I’m going to telecine it again when it comes back to me and slap some credits and the audio onto it and release it as a video. I feel pretty happy with how it turned out.

Now I am going out to tape some Northern Lights. I’ve been trying to get this footage for ages and because of the big Solar Storm, there are supposed to be AMAZING lights! I’ve been checking the Aurora Forecast, but I think I just have to go out and look around. HDV footage of the Aurora Borealis. I’m not sure what I will do with it yet, but it goes with some HD footage of fireworks that I shot a couple summers ago. I want to experiment.

Okay, well, that’s all I have to report. Life’s good. I have no dates, but I have my dog and cat and my health. And that’s good enough for me!

Germans and their Cougar Labia

I’ve been trying to get shit done. Getter done! I just finished my audio for my super 8 film and emailed it to the festival that currently has the reel for it. I hope it works out. We will see. I also sent off a question to the sales support folks at my webhost. I didn’t get an invoice for another year of service and so I don’t know if they will cut me off in a couple days or if they are letting me have another year without paying. I don’t know! I also have to sort out this trip to Germany and this trip to Australia because suddenly the dates are really close and I think it’s a little fucked up because I can’t be two places at once. I really need to spend the whole month in Hamburg and when I made plans for the residency it was when I thought the trip to Australia was in April. Now it’s at the same time. SHIT! Something has to change!

So that’s up. And I also have to do some work related things like continue to work on my website for my company and get these business cards to the printer and then drop off the finished cards at various places about town. I also have to get my laptop and blah de blah, download the new Final Cut Pro which EVERYBODY hates because it’s so different. But Avid Media Composer costs about as much as the laptop, which is WAY out of my current price range.

Sigh. WEIRD! I feel stoned and I haven’t smoked up! Maybe it’s residual THC in my body coming out to say hello. I talked with someone this weekend who has abstained for almost a year and she said you feel stoned every so often when it is breaking down in your body, cause it is stored in fat. Weird!

I didn’t smoke up all weekend. I haven’t smoked up since I quit on Wednesday. I’m feeling fairly determined to really hold onto my sobriety. I’m still drinking, probably indulged too much this weekend. But I didn’t drink today and I won’t for a few days. I’m feeling positive about the whole letting go of weed thing. It’s taken me a long time to get to this feeling. I’m liking the clearness I have and the energy and the getting things done stuff. I am not missing it yet. I was going to be clean for a minimum of six weeks, but after talking to someone this weekend I am thinking maybe a year clean would let me understand more fully what life without it could be like. Saying I will quit forever scares me a little, not as much as it used to but I don’t want to say forever just yet. Even in the 12 step programs they tell you to concentrate on being sober today and not worrying about the future.

I went to Regina this weekend for my Dad’s opening and the Queer City Performatorium. Queer Performance Art! I really liked all the artwork I engaged with this weekend, and I liked seeing people I don’t get to see often. I even liked the bus ride down there and back, I just listened to my tunes and looked out the window at the world going by.

It was pretty awesome. And I ended up only passing by people smoking up once, and didn’t feel like I should linger and get a puff. I didn’t really care.

I haven’t smoked a cigarette for six weeks and five days! 😀 This is really exciting, almost three weeks longer than my last quit. Not as long as the six months I once did without smoking, but pretty good. It feels real now, like I can really do it and am doing it and will never smoke another cigarette again! And my self esteem is so much better. SO MUCH BETTER! I feel like I am not being so stupid as to put myself at risk of dying painfully and slowly.

I go to see my psych nurse on Tuesday. I know she’ll be happy to hear about my quitting weed, she’s been fussing about my using for years. And now I won’t have to hear about how I have to quit, which is good. She can nag pretty good. And my Mom is way happier that I am not using. She will probably find other things to pick at me about, but there is one less thing to fuss about.

And I am also happy that I don’t have to go outside in the terrible cold and feel embarrassed that I am spreading a skunky smell all over the neighborhood.

I hope my cheque comes tomorrow. I really want to get my laptop. I would be so relieved to have a functioning computer that is all mine.

So life is good. I am good. I am getting clean and letting my psyche be healed by the passage of time. I am still curious about getting to an online Marijuana Anonymous meeting, but the timing hasn’t worked out yet, and I couldn’t do it while I was in Regina.

I want to get the workbook for the secular sobriety folks, I think I would feel more comfortable working out my issues with that. I know I have to make some other changes to my life because using for 14 years has impacted how I think and behave I am sure. I can stop being sneaky, which is nice, cause I hate being sneaky even though I know all the spots in Saskatoon and Vancouver where you can smoke up and not get caught. I don’t have to worry about getting into legal trouble, which is nice. Although if people snoop around on me before hiring me and find out I used to smoke drugs, they might be less inclined to give me a job. But would I want to work for that kind of an asshole anyway? I don’t think so. And there are lots of other reasons people wouldn’t hire me, like being a queer native woman with a bachelors degree. And having pink hair currently.

Sigh. I did find out someone will give me some work when they have funding. But who knows when that will be.

I didn’t exercise all weekend. I missed it. I really want to get to the field house tomorrow and hop on the elliptical.

Someone found my blog by googling Cougar Labia. Someone from Germany. Ha ha ha!

Can a book do that?

I was looking for a book in the library on quitting smoking and then when I didn’t find one I wanted to read I started looking in the section on recovery from addiction. I found this book called Clean: a new generation in recovery speaks out written by Chris Beckman from the Real World. I looked at it a bit more in the car and felt like maybe I was too old for it since it was geared towards youth in recovery. But as I read it doing my silly loop around on the bus it started making me think about poor decisions I had made while stoned and being in pursuit of highs, decisions that lead me to lose a really good job and a cheap place to live. And as I read about all this crazy shit Chris had been through during his using years, I realized I was not that different really, my using was not special or safe because it was mostly marijuana. I still put myself in dodgy situations and screwed up certain parts of my life, like being so stoned I didn’t care to clean my house or myself or do work or make art even, something I had been so passionate about during art school and even high school.

So I read the whole book cover to cover in a few hours. It wasn’t a long book, but it was still a lot of information to digest. I found myself being irritated by all the mistakes he and other people in the book had made, and then it made me irritated with myself.

The last time I used was yesterday at noon. I didn’t really mean to quit yesterday, I just got tired of what little I had left and didn’t bother to keep smoking it. I HAVE meant to quit smoking since before new years, since years before then even. It was on my list, to do my six sober weeks and then decide what to do about it after doing that. Like if I should go back to it or not.

It’s time to do my six sober weeks. I am going to keep drinking, for now, because I don’t feel as compelled to drink as I do to smoke. But I am going to try really hard to abstain from that thing I love that has fucked up my life.

I don’t like NA, but I did find the online Marijuana Anonymous meeting schedule and wandered into a chat room where I got some informal support. Which helped. I felt shy and sheepish, so I didn’t stay long.

I worked out tonight on the treadmill because I hear exercise is really good when detoxing, since marijuana is fat soluble and so burning off some fat is just good to get it out of your system. Also I drank a whole pot of chamomile tea to relax myself. I got that a while ago because I know I am going to get SUPER BITCHY and generally unpleasant to be around for a while. It could be weeks. I am not looking forward to it. But smoking up just to put off the inevitable irritability isn’t going to work. It will just keep me in the hamster wheel of marijuana addiction.

I think marijuana should be legalized. I think there are people who can use it responsibly. I just don’t think I am one of those people.

It’s been 33 hours since I have smoked up. I am going to try to hold on to that. I’m going away for the weekend and I know I will be around someone who may smoke up a bit while I am with them. That makes me a nervous. I should really just tell him straight up that I am trying to stay clean. He would respect that I think.

Wow. A book on becoming sober might have helped me become sober. The library, is there anything it can’t do?

Tired of this shit

I’m really frustrated with Canada these days. I’m sick of colonization, I am just so FUCKING SICK of being a colonized person. My land is being desecrated by some assholes in parliament who want to further colonize us through evangelical values being imposed on the population. It sucks. I don’t want Steven Harper in my country, I think all of us Natives should just run him out on a rail. He should be banished to America!

And our rights are getting eroded away. He just annulled all of the same sex marriages of foreigners who have been using their Canadian marriage licenses to secure equal rights as spouses in their countries. What an asshole thing to do.

That reminds me of a great plan I have to make asshole stickers and put them on the back ends of cars that park badly. Like those big shiny trucks that straddle two parking stalls so that they won’t get scratched. I always want to key them, but I think I would get into less trouble if I put an asshole on their rear end. I would make them look like Vonnegut’s asshole from Breakfast of Champions, a little cartoon asterisk.

I should put an asshole sticker on Steven Harper’s car. Someone get me a grant so I can go to Ottawa and do it!

I’m tired of being oppressed. That’s all it is. I’m tired of the level of racism in Canada towards Indigenous people. I’m tired of the fact that over 600 aboriginal women have gone missing or been murdered and nobody else cares. I’m tired of the police state our country is becoming. I’m tired of being involved in dodgy wars with questionable aims. I’m tired of people here resigning themselves to waiting around until 1215 instead of actually DOING something. I’m tired of worrying if I will ever really be able to be married or if the world is going to go backwards and I will lose my chance because some dickwad defined marriage as being between one man and one woman.

We need proportional representation. I’m sick of the way our democracy is corrupt to the core, yet we act like we’re some forward thinking nation compared to the rest of the world.

So yeah. I guess it’s time to make more activist art again. I don’t know what else to do, I’m an artist, and art can be useful in times like this. Just think of Act Up and Gran Fury bringing the AIDS epidemic to the public discourse. It’s a hopeful way of looking at the world. I don’t know that I can change the direction the country is headed, but I can try.

Money is the root of all poopy stuff!

I am waiting for $1000 for living allowance for January from Saskatoon Tribal Council and it is already the 11th. Apparently my cheque was ready on Monday, but then someone locked it up and got sick and went home with the key and won’t return phone calls. So my cheque is locked up until this person gets better. SHITTY! I am so broke! And I hate being broke. It’s been a pissy month with lots of borrowing money and that sucks too because I am made to feel so badly about it. And I can’t do anything about it because I certainly don’t have the key to the cabinet that holds my cheque.

The only thing I don’t understand is that it was ready Monday but when I went on Monday I was told it wasn’t ready and to come back the next day. And by the next day it was locked up and Ms. Lady was sick.

Sigh! I have shit that needs doing! I hate having people toy with me over money. I suppose I should just get used to it if I am running a business. People are assholes!


I am still exercising! I went to the field house yesterday and did a bunch of exercising and even did the elliptical for five more minutes than the last time, and it wasn’t as hard this time! I thought I had more muscley bits in my tummy but Laurel said a few days of exercise wouldn’t make that much of a difference so fast. But I am starting to feel a little stronger, even though it is probably a miniscule difference.

I knitted a bunch today. It was good, I am almost halfway done my scarf! 😀

I also booked an appointment with my psychic. It’s time for me to find out more! I need to know about a few things, like my future romantic life and my current business I am trying to get off the ground. Last time I saw her I was also looking for direction and it really helped. I am hoping I will get some direction again. It’s been five years! That’s enough time between readings. The last time I went she told me about many things that ended up happening. She didn’t tell me about my oncoming major manic episode, but she did tell me about a break up that was pretty much directly related to that episode. She also told me about being rejected for some film thing I applied to. She said “I don’t want to say it’s fixed, but you won’t get it.” Which I didn’t.

She did tell me in the long term I would live a comfortable life and that I would go far. But I need more confirmation, because so far it has been me being broke living with my Mom.

Plus I really need to know some personal stuff. Which I will hopefully find out.

I’ve still got to sit down and write out some goals I want to reach in setting up my business. Right now I am focused on marketing issues, like getting my website and business cards done. But I have to write reports to my funders WHO STILL HAVEN’T GIVEN ME MY CHEQUE so I need to have more concrete things to report about my business advancing.

I don’t even know if I should be living with my Mom, but Mister the dog needs a backyard to be a happy boy and barks too much for an apartment anyway. And I can’t afford a house on my own. Maybe when I get a girlfriend I can. Sigh. Living with Mom, such a frowned upon living arrangement.

Good News!

I just got some good news today. I saw the postperson leaving and went to get the mail and found two slim envelopes, one addressed to my Mum and the other one addressed to me, from the Sask Arts Board. Mum and I opened them up and we both got our grants!

This means two major things:

I can go to Germany to do my residency.

I can get a new laptop.

The residency is a ways off yet, but as soon as I get my cheque I am going and getting myself a new computer. My computer is from 2003 when I got a grant to write a screenplay. I am getting a 15 inch Macbook Pro. And some software. It will be a big relief to have a functioning computer, since as you can imagine, my computer is really obsolete. You can’t even put new software on it anymore because it doesn’t have intel. And the caps lock was always getting stuck. And the search function wouldn’t work. It is a shitty computer. It was fast and shiny and amazing in it’s day.

It’s almost ten years old! I have an ancient piece of technology!

I am finishing up writing the monologue for my film Sight. It’s simple. I am going to record tomorrow.

I got myself a backpack in anticipation of my new computer, a backpack especially for computers with a snug little pouch inside that will fit my computer exactly! I’ve also decided it is finally time to sign a cell contract and get an iPhone. I promised myself as soon as I got enough money to pay for it with a three year contract, I would get one. And now is the time! Well, in a few days. Because I had to mail back a form with my social insurance number on it so they could process it.

I am a Canadian. I say process Pro-cess. Not Prawcess. Which is American in the extreme.

Anyway, the cheque will be mailed sometime this week. I really hope I get it on Friday.

Then I could sit in my room all weekend playing with my iPhone and my lappy.

I got my hair cut today. I am trying to keep on top of my hair better by getting it cut more regularly. And refreshing the dye. I think I’m okay for a bit though. And I am taking my coat to get dry cleaned, because it’s really dirty. In the meantime I am wearing my ridiculous green coat.

And I went to deep water aquasize tonight! Mum got a leisure card today so we went with my friend Laurel. It’s nice doing all these different things to exercise. I am liking the feeling I get after exercising, I am going to continue.

I got a book on Transcendental Meditation at the Library, but they aren’t going to tell me how to do it, just how well it works. It’s disappointing.


On Friday night my friend took me to the Saskatoon Field house where we worked out. I did the elliptical for the first time ever for ten minutes and wore myself out, then we biked for fifteen minutes and walked on the treadmill for fifteen minutes and then did a mile on the track. It was really fun. I think I need more gym buddies. I can use all the leisure centres in Saskatoon until October. It has such potential, having a leisure card that I got because I was on welfare. But it’s been under utilized.

I hear exercise is really good when detoxing from that thing I love. It’s something to keep in mind. Today I went to use the treadmill, but the magnet that is supposed to be the emergency stop went missing so I got mum’s beading needle magnet on a little telescoping stick and taped it to the treadmill. It worked. Then mum found the real magnet, but I didn’t want to interrupt my stats on the treadmill just to change magnets.

It made me sweat, which surprised me. I was so sweaty! Mum is thinking of asking her friend to trade the treadmill for an elliptical. That would be sweet too, although I feel afraid of doing 30 minutes on an elliptical.

I’m not exercising with a goal to lose weight though, I just want to have better muscles and more strength. I don’t care if some extra padding hangs around.

The roommate situation has calmed down for now, so I am glad about that.

And I am still not smoking. It has been 4 weeks, 5 days, 6 hours and 29 mins.
And I have saved: 121.37 Dollars by NOT smoking 399 cigarettes! I was even working in close proximity with a smoker on Saturday and I didn’t feel like I wanted one at all. It was good. I am making some major changes in my life finally. It’s like I have obsessed over being better about exercise and quitting smoking and other things for years and finally they are starting to happen. Good things could be around the corner!

I read about warm or room temperature lemon water being good for you, so I tried it. Lemons are kind of expensive though, 1.25 a lemon! That’s not right!

I confess though, I didn’t eat my beans at supper. I didn’t even put them on my plate. I should have. Maybe I can eat a fruit to make up for it.

I’m in the middle of making my Super 8 film for the 8 fest. I am trying to get it done for Tuesday so I can slip it in the mail. My friend Shavonne and I coloured all over my Super 8 with twelve different sharpies. So now there is just the soundtrack to do. I’m a little bit blocked, but I can see it starting to come together.

I only have the next two years of my life planned out. I think I want to come up with a five year plan. The last time I had a five year plan was when I got out of high school. Now if someone asked me where I saw myself in five years, I wouldn’t know.

It would be easier to make a five year plan if I knew if I was going to be single or not. I’m not really sure. Anyone could happen. I wish I could go see my psychic and get some kind of timeframe for how long I will have to wait before I get into a real relationship. I just really want to finally be able to change my relationship status, because even though there was a steady stream of hotties I had crushes on, there was never any established relationships for the whole time I have had facebook.

I used to hide my single status, just to have some mystery about the whole thing, but it wasn’t as exciting as being able to put Thirza Cuthand is in a relationship with Betty Bear or whoever.

There probably is a Betty Bear who’s going to kick my ass for using her name. I should have used Mary Jane Doe.

I’m getting close to being mostly sober. I think I can do it. I just have to get a good support network. And not NA because they swear too much. I’m scared. I don’t know who I will be without it. It could be good. I won’t know unless I try. And I can still drink alcohol. For now. Last night I had one beer all night and didn’t care. If I just had to quit drinking, I would have an easy time.

I think that my addiction requires elements of substance abuse recovery and basic smoking cessation techniques. I dunno. I have to do more research.

But at the same time, I don’t want to change everything all at once.

The high from exercising is really nice. Maybe I should change my interests from substances getting me high to more natural highs. Like exercise and meditation. What else gets you high? OH RIGHT! Sex! I could give up pot for sex, that would be easy!