Monthly Archives: September 2009

The smell is mostly gone

Hello again. I think I have successfully linked fit of pique to my newer google account. I am getting tired of signing in and out of that account just to blog here.

I have been cleaning my apartment and making significant progress. Took out some trash and threw out smelly stuff and picked up in the bathroom. I might stay up and do more, like the kitchen. I’m actually getting really inspired by the idea of cleaning up my home.

I am definitely feeling the stress of realizing I am 31 years old and need to get my shit together. Like doing my taxes. And taking better care of myself and my surroundings. I feel like I have been failing at being an independent adult, and I definitely don’t want to end up in The Home again. Or worse, Mum’s Basement. That really sucks, you can never just be roommates because you’ve gotten locked into one dynamic.

I am boiling water for dishes because I need a plumber to come in and look at the hot water heater. And I won’t get a plumber in until I can get this place looking decent again.

But really, I think I am doing some kind of nesting so that I can start to make some changes in anticipation of the next big romance. With . . . well who knows? But I really feel like I am not the best girlfriend in the world when I’m letting these small things get out of control. Seemingly small things. They add up.

And it takes away from my ability to create. So I need to nest and edit this winter. Well, I hope the editing won’t take much longer.

Minor Mood Fluctuation

It’s not SO BAD. It’s just a minor feeling of sadness. I will be okay. I forgot to take my antidepressant this morning, and didn’t take it on Sunday morning because I had to go to sleep and it would have kept me up. So here I am feeling low. LOW. Poop. But I think I will just try to do one thing this evening that will make me feel better.

I am going to clean my apartment.

I should! It’s such a nice apartment and I need to get it in order. When I come home I sit and sit and sit in the living room or throw my clothes on the floor in the bedroom and crawl into bed. My bed sheets are dirty! i am a dirty girl! The bathroom is gross and the kitchen has dirty dishes and the living room is strewn with papers and XLR cables and other detritus. I am a detritus girl!

At least I am not a horder, otherwise there would be serious trouble. No, I have stuff, but not immense amounts of it. I don’t come into my apartment and tunnel around to the bed and the tv and the toilet. I am not a lesbian gopher. I just sometimes have trouble seeing the floor! And I can’t do tarot card readings until the place is cleaned . . .

and till I get the cards from Mum’s house. I should recharge them, or whatever that is when you clean the energy and make it yours again. Recharging? Like a battery?

I am wanting to make some new short low/no budget video! I am fishing for ideas out of the ether. So far I haven’t come up with something solid. That’s what you get for sniffing ether.

There must be something I want to say, besides Hi My Name is Thirza and I am a Pot head. I mean, that’s a really boring idea for a video. It’s boring enough living that life without devoting five minutes to it! Ha ha! No, I need to think of something entertaining and political and intelligent and hopefully lesbian because there is more queer girls at those festivals. I’m still seeking a mate, I am expanding beyond Saskatchewan.

A blog as Suggested by Friends

I asked folks on facebook for some topics to write about. And this is kind of what came out of it.

The Engineering students at the U of S used to have this annual event where they would get a sex worker and have her ride a horse naked across campus, it was called the Godiva ride and it ended sometime in the late eighties. While I was looking this up I also found that other universities do or did the Godiva ride.

And I always wondered about the woman, like who was she, where did she come from, and what was her story, was she safe?

Next topic: DRUGS!!!

I don’t have much to say about drugs today. I am taking about four psych meds a day, in various pill formations. Along with iron and some other medication. I think I am happier now, which is good, and still stable. Having strange dreams though. I had a dream I attacked this guy who tagged me out during an army entrance lazer tag competition. I threw him to the ground and then bashed his head into the ground twice and then was shocked I did such a thing and feeling guilty and evil and yucky for the rest of the dream. And everyone in my dream told me it was a bad thing. And then I somehow stumbled into the bedroom of my sleeping ex girlfriend and freaked her out and there was a party going on in her living room for her birthday. BUT her heels were too high. It was a STRANGE dream, and even she told me I was evil, not only for smashing this guy’s face, but also for coming into her bedroom when she doesn’t even talk to me anymore. I’m glad it was all a dream.

If you want to help change the world sign up for the AIDS walk here in Saskatoon on the 20th of September and the link is HERE. Proceeds go to AIDS Saskatoon and The Avenue Community Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity.

Hide Under the Awkward Stairs

It is my night off, having worked from 7 am to 2:30 pm. I almost saw a movie, but didn’t. I went to the fireworks show at the riverbank and was impressed. I also went to the local gay bar, Divas, where I danced a bit and mostly sat in the corner drinking various alcoholic drinks and thinking what it would take to bust up the cute lesbian couple grinding in the corner. Or to join in. Such are the dirty thoughts going through my mind.

I do have some kind of novelty going on with myself, what with being into some pretty hardcore sadomasochistic practices like bloodplay and electroplay. I don’t know if I could do bondage though. I’d have to really trust the person. And PLUS the sparkly hood piercing I have in. That has to win me some glamour points on the sexual scale of awesomeness.

It glints and glimmers in the light. It’s truly a work of art. And my sex drive HAS gone up, so I think it might be working. AND my Wellbutrin is supposed to pick me up too.

Anyway, these two laydeez were so hot, I would have gone home with both of them, but they looked like they were deflecting other’s sexual energy all night. Sometimes when they danced these boys would come and try to dance with them, and then they would lean over and say something in the guys ear and he would dance away looking semi dejected. But if a woman had danced up to them, would something different have happened? Maybe not, but it was enough to keep me curious.

There was ANOTHER cute girl at the bar too, and then ANOTHER after that, so I am feeling a bit better about the prospects in Saskatoon.

I still miss my one BIG love, but it’s over and no matter how much I try to fan the ashes, it cannot be revived. I BROKE it!! And it wasn’t even that committed in the first place, she was living with her boyfriend after all! I mean, breaking that kind of tenous forbidden bond doesn’t really take MUCH, and I broke it big time with all my fucking manic emails. Dammit dammit dammit!

If you could see me, I would also be stomping my foot about this point.

Like a little Rumplestiltzkin kicking my own way into hell.

Such is the drama of a butch with bipolar.

Look out! It’s bipolar butch! And she has been celibate TOO LONG!

But it was nice getting out and watching some women far younger than I bump and grind and generally put on a show while being totally into each other. But it did make me miss relationships. I’ve never had a girlfriend I could bump and grind with, they all had various issues attached to it. One didn’t like PDAs, one had a boyfriend and didn’t want to make him jealous, one wanted to keep her “options” open. It was all pretty miserable. I just wanted someone I could hump on the dance floor and not have to use a dental dam with. And not have to worry that my toothbrush at her house was being farmed out to other nocturnal visitors of dubious hepatitis status.