Monthly Archives: November 2008

Long absence

I’ve had no access to the internet for the past couple of weeks or so. No phone either, and no television! But today I finally managed to pay my bill and I’m hooked up again! It’s a relief, because I just finished rereading Slaughterhouse Five and wasn’t in the mood to find another book to fill my time. I’ve quit smoking again, it’s not going SO well, keep slipping. But it’s getting better everyday!

I’m poor again, it is true, but I’ve started my new job and I quite like it. Market Research Interviewer again. It’s a good gig really, pay is okay and the only problem is figuring out a schedule where I can get a few more hours a week. I may have to pick up a Sunday shift, which is okay generally except on Easter when people get pissy on the phones.

But Easter is a long time away, Jesus has to be born still on Christmas before we get to him dying a horrible death and then coming back to life.

I never understood why he came back to life and then buggered off. I mean, he ressurects, and then his whole physical body goes to heaven? It confuses me. Are there toilets in heaven?

Mum is getting a dog today, hopefully. She’s already bought a crate and little dishes and a teeny harness. It’s a smoothcoated mini dachshund, and she’s naming it Hermione. I hope Hermione and Arthur, the thuggy golden, get along well. Arthur hates little dogs except for my little guy Mister, so he should take to the new pup well. It’s exciting, new pets are always exciting. And mum likes dogs. She just wanted to go look at the pups at Petland one day because they had some doxies and fell in love with one of them. The last time we went her sister was gone, but the one mum wanted was still there. So HOPEFULLY by the time we get there this afternoon she’ll be there.

I’m so happy to have internet and television back. Hurrah for la interneta!

Golden Avenue

I’m waiting for my phone to recharge when I would rather be talking to my mother. I’m down to one old green lighter, most of mine are totally dead. I have to invest in a new lighter. Even when I stop smoking, I will always need one around!

Schrodinger is crying in my room. I don’t know what he’s crying about.

Mister chased a garter snake and I got worried it would bite him and anyway, I got made fun of by Mum. And now she is spreading the tale! We went for a picnic out at Blackstrap. We were all surprised to see a snake still out. Mum chased it yelling look, a snake, look! And it was slitherng as fast as it could go, which was at a pretty good clip. Fast little snakey.

Anyway, now I look like a wuss.

Halloween weekend was quiet for me. No major partying or anything. In fact we stayed in on the actual night. Which was the first time I’d done that in ages.

I had one trick or treater. I suspect the stairs were too forboding. Well, there were three of them anyway, and now fifty pieces of chocolate have all been consumed. I could not believe how much chocolate I ate, and my cousin too. It was wild. We even listened to The Monster Mash, Purple People Eater, and the soundtrack to Rocky Horror Picture Show.

And then we watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but without props. dammit! We were going to go down to the Broadway, but it was on too early and we had no props.
We also dressed up as Zombies. I had a big slash on my face like a Z for ThirZa!

Yep, that was Halloween 2008. I’ve almost always gone out. We didn’t get seen anywhere in our rad zombie makeup except the McDonalds drive thru. And I still haven’t found Golden Avenue.