Monthly Archives: September 2008

Good Morning

It’s early morning and I got up so that I can fill out an online application for employment in a temp staffing office. Yes, I am currently aspiring to be a temp. I think I might like it, I would meet a variety of people by the end of it, that’s for sure.

So I have to look extra sparkly today. I had a dream I was buying makeup. That is WEIRD for me, as I haven’t worn makeup for nearly eight years, except a couple times when I was crazy.

Craziness brings out the showmanship in clothing tastes, that’s for sure.

I’m still really missing Scotland. It feels like being homesick! I’m surprised that I miss it this much. I wish I was still on holidays.

Oh damn! I seem to be chubbier than I was when I wore my tux, the result is my shirt no longer fits. Damn! So right now I am wearing a Scottish Rugby Shirt with a huge emblem of the Scottish Flag on it. It’s pretty stylin’, but not appropriate for a job interview. So I think now we also have to go interview shirt shopping. Double damn! Money I didn’t want to spend, going!

Anyway, I think I had the best summer ever this year, it’s going to be hard to top, that’s for sure. Hmm, although a summer romance is also something to look forward to. I did have one of those, sure enough, she dumped me around about august.

Prayer of the week

I’m back to looking for work, and soon! I need something to fill in my long days and take away from my career for a while. LOL. No, I don’t consider work to be that huge a burden. Although it will be a definite change of pace from life right now.

I’m still doing well with not smoking. I’ve done all kinds of things and not smoked cigarettes. I still only had that one slip way way back when I first started quitting. It’s been weeks now. I’m on Step 2 of The Patch. It seems to be working. I didn’t notice the change from Step 1. I’m a little more tired though. It’s not such a heavy stimulant, and I’ve noticed being able to sleep more even when I am wearing it.

I’m pretty sleepy now, don’t know why I”m even writing. We might have come into contact with bedbugs in the UK. Mum has big welty bites on her arms and legs, and I have a few on my wrist and ankles. So, eeehhhh! I hope we didn’t bring them with us, although I hear they can’t survive Saskatchewan winters. Let’s pray it’s true!


I’m feeling goofy, having had some absinthe. And also still being terribly jet lagged. I’m pretty ready to go to sleep. It’s nice being back in Canada, I can’t imagine living any other place.

I really like my footage. I’m very tired though, again. I am premiering You Are A Lesbian Vampire in Toronto at ImagineNative. Exciting! And I’m also showing Madness In Four Actions there.

We picked up Mister and Schrodinger today. They had a good time at summer camp (aka the kennel), Mister came out of his shell a LOT more, and made friends with some of the dogs there. He’s also friendlier to my friends, which is nice. Schrodinger spent the time in the office with Mimi, my mum’s cat. He had his mouse with him. It’s a little fuzzy green thing.

Oh man, I should crash. Deanna liked the semi precious stone runes I got her. Now she can give me rune readings!!

An experiment in exhausted writing

I feel like I’m lost in time somewhere between day and night. In Edinburgh time it’s now 7 am, but here in Saskatoon where I am again it is only midnight. It feels WAY later. I’m really confused and I feel out of sorts because I’ve been awake for 24 hours! On a plane! Ugh! My ass hurts, I’ve been sleeping in skinny beds, I didn’t poop for a day, I’ve eaten crappy airline food and watched two movies back to back. I fretted the whole way about two pricey bottles of absinthe stashed in my checked luggage and had my ears pop over and over. I’m so fucking tired but I’m also stoned and it feels intense! And I’m so tired but I have to decompress before I can possibly lie down. I have some amazing footage including something I really have never seen before and could be a youtube hit.

I’m exhausted. Not to mention I decided I HAD to answer my email and most of it was about my upcoming group show at the National Gallery, and now I’m not sure my tired mind is adept enough for that.

Ah well. It’s nice to answer business email. Much less pressure than answering personal mail.

I’m SLEEPY! I’m crashing man, it’s LATe :LATE LATE for me! Actually I think, oh my ear finally popped, I think I’m going to look at my stuff first, then go to bed. Yes. Oh man it’s late.

Almost home!

Today we’re finally going to do the Gay neighborhood! I know where it is and we are ALMOST there! Tomorrow we’re seeing penguins march about at the Zoo.

I’m getting really excited to go home now, we’re so close and I’m so ready to be done carrying around cameras and tripod and suitcases filled to the brim with clothes and gifts for people. I did find some absinthe here, now will it get me into trouble, I do not know, but I will obviously keep you updated.

I’ve been really good about taking my meds but one night I did hear something weird that sounded suspiciously like an unintelligible voice in my head. My voices rarely ever say anything like a sentence, sometimes they aren’t even in English. It was the first time I’d heard anything weird since I got out of the hospital. That one WAS intelligible and said ‘The story goes that in the end you’ll be normal.’ Weird huh? I don’t mind auditory hallucinations but they can be kind of annoying and scare people if you talk about them openly. So I usually don’t.

What else? Today we’re going to try and meet Liam for dinner, he used to go out with my cousin and is a nice guy, now he lives here in Edinburgh and seems to never want to come home. God bless him! I think the place suits him.

Anyway, that’s about all I have to say about my trip thus far, oh except now I don’t believe in the Loch Ness Monster AT ALL! Science doesn’t support something so big living there as the fish stocks are rather low and it just isn’t possible. So one little paranormal belief, gone! I do believe in Giant Squids though, as they’ve been proven to exist. Not paranormal at all though, unless it was, say, the ghost of a giant squid.