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I’ve been in two psych wards, one in Montreal and one in Saskatoon. The first time in the hospital I got really fucked up over it. THE LAST TIME WASN”T BAD>

I actually had a really good time in the hospital the last time I was there. I mean ya it was boring and all, but they spoke english! And I made some good friends. I actually ran into a guy last night who remembers me from the hospital. It was a positive experience, and they were so concerned about what my follow though care would be afterwards. It wasn’t like the first time, getting shoved out with an official designation as crazy.

At least crazy isn’t a full time thing though.

Last night I got ripped on drugs, I am STILL up, and I had the best talk with my straight friend Preston about sucking tit and eating pussy.

I’m chewing gum. I’m wide awake and I wish I could go to sleep.

But really, now I know that my first experience in the bin was an anomaly. Montreal wards suck major ass, somethings wrong with that city as far as their mental health care system.

We all went to the Yard to celebrate Deanna’s birthday. Then we went to Lydias, and then a bunch of us came to my house and stayed up all night. They’ve all crashed now And I am still awake! i now I’ll crash soon though/ But what a fun night!

I’ve made a new vow to only do pot on special occassions. Like once or twice a month. I’m quitting everyday pot use. I really think it will improve my creativity to cut back that much.

Victim Girlfriend Wanted

LIFE IS QUIET i’m really missing going to festivals though, which means I have to get my videos out there again. I’m not going to bother fixing my stupid keyboard’s antics this post.

So enough sitting around on my ass. I have to get a camera with firewire and then output my very late video.

It’s kind of a strange video because it was made for installations.

I also have to get my priorities fixed this summer while I work on my new video. I’m thinking of it as a road movie I guess. I really need to be giving it more thought and attention.

I’ve been considering quitting pot. Altogether or cutting back. I’m not sure which yet, but I’m thinking it’s been a waste of time lately. I need to get more creative, and it’s not helping my creativity anymore. Probably never did really.

I’m also trying to shoot my new video You Are A Lesbian Vampire. I’m going to make it really short. Probably about two minutes. I want it to be really sexy and funny. Carrie Gates has already agreed to be the vampire, so it should be fun. I just need a victim-girlfriend now. And I already have someone in mind. Yay for victim girlfriends! LOL! I shouldn’t say such things as a feminist. More LOL.

Where am I? Oh yeah, so I’m planning two road trips in North America and Scotland. And doing a shoot sometime soon. Maybe this week. It depends if I can recharge my phone enough to get a hold of Carrie for scheduling. I’ve realized I really need to refocus on my career. I was getting somewhere for a while there. I need to get it back on track man. I miss hitting the festival circut. That was always fun.

Anyway, I’m 30 now and that means I’m ready for big changes. I want to keep control over my bipolar disorder. The meds I am on are really great right now. I’m pretty happy. Not manic happy, but content with life. I’m discontent actually, which is why I need the big changes. I dunno. I’m quitting smoking, which is going okay, despite slips. I’m on the patch and sticking with it.

I need to clean more, is one issue I could deal with I guess.

I really need to consider this road movie aspect of my project. I need to get a better handle on it. I’m thinking of using a heartbeat for my vampire project, just this quiet heartbeat on the whole soundtrack. I’m currently making my summer music playlist for my ipod.

Finished Tattoo!

My tattoo got finished a couple of days ago. Wow, right now my animals are all supremely calm. I don’t want to disturb it. They are sacked out. I wonder what they do when I am not here. Anyway, getting it finished, the tattoo I mean, wasn’t too bad. I don’t particularly enjoy getting tattooed, but the end results always seem to be worth it. I like having a nice piece of art adorn my body. Anyway, here is the end result.

Self Promoting Brownie Points

Hey hey hey! I’m in the Spring issue of SPIRIT right now with my short story Horsie. Be sure to check it out on the newsstands, it is full of sexy NDNs getting it on. Also you can see my video Helpless Maiden Makes an “I” Statement at

Be sure to check it out!

I’m getting high on two very intense pot brownies that my cuz No Ass D and I made together. We’re watching V for Vendetta and acting silly, but her favorite scene is on so I thought I would blog.

I got fifty bucks and a lucky bamboo and a swimming suit for my 30th birthday. The Bamboo is really cute, and I have underwear made out of bamboo, so it matches.

Why am I blogging in this condition? Good question mon ami.

Well, sometimes it amuses me. And really the number one reason I blog is because it amuses me. I’ve done it for so long now, well over ten years. And I wish I still had some of my early stuff. Oh well.

They are intently watching V pour Vendetta again. Blood everywhere, groddy!


I like saying that, I ought to say that more often.
anyway, back to entertaining the guests. Tomorrow morning we are having toad in the hole for brekky.

Creative work in the community

Yours truly may be hosting a show on CFCR starting sometime in the not too distant future. Rainbow Radio is looking for hosts, and I’m itching to do something in the community. It’s a GLBT show every Sunday night. I used to volunteer at a show called Women Visions in Vancouver at their co-op radio station. I’ve been wanting to do something at CFCR for a while now, and so this is right up my alley. And I really like working the switches and stuff at radio stations. That’s super fun. I love techy stuff of all nature, because I’m a geek.

I’m also thinking of doing volunteer work for Pride, and maybe finding a group of like minded people to run play parties, AND I still want to start up a film festival. And there was something else I was thinking of doing. I’m a busy tomboy. I still want to volunteer at Hantleman. Someone told me not to, but I liked spending time with the volunteer I saw. And I know crazy people inside and out. I’ve been around enough of them, that’s for sure, in all states of craziness.

I’m feeling pretty good these days, surprisingly. I guess my life is going better than I’d hoped. I still want to make my feature though. I did network with a producer on Facebook, I’m thinking of asking her advice on where I go next with my screenplay, as in who’s looking to produce a feature.

Networking’s the most important part of being a filmmaker, but sometimes I’m just so damned shy about it. I don’t put myself out there as much as some filmmakers. I don’t self promote as much as I should. It’s a problem. Which is why maybe getting out in the community will be good for me.

Oh, I’m also going to try to start writing for the local alternative biweekly Planet S. I’ve been wanting to write for them for a while now, and I think it would be a lot of fun. So eee!

Hey, apparently my work is now showing at the National Gallery in Ottawa. Pretty cool hey?