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Quiet Life

I applied for twelve different jobs today, and with some luck I will get one of them. There’s another call centre job, but it’s actually full time and within walking distance. Hopefully if the other jobs don’t pan out I can get it. I’m working part time now and need a full time job. I even applied for a job at the airport as a preboard screener officer, which would be kind of cool. And I applied for a job working with unions. It pays 700 a week!

Anyway, I also finally emailed the Canada Council to find out about my grant. I hope I will hear tomorrow. It would be nice if I got it.

Anyway, I am sleepy so I think I’m going to go to bed now. Life’s quiet, but maybe that’s good.

The Depression of a Writer between Projects.

I’m between projects, and it’s depressing me. I don’t know what to write about next, and my life is boring as a result. My writing is down to next to nil. I used to have interesting opinions, or something on my mind, but I have nothing in mind.

I don’t know what to write about. And it’s terrible! Oh woe to the writer with nothing to write about!

I did try to write about my life and the word dreary came up. Oh man!

I think I should concentrate on cleaning my apartment.

Thank God for Antidepressants

Today I bought my mom some lunch at her school’s Cafeteria. She had just taken me to cash my work cheque. I’m waiting at home now for a friend to drop off something. Life’s kind of okay. I’m glad I decided to wait one more year for grad school. I think I just need some time to get myself back together.

I think the reason it took me so long to recover from this episode was because I was grieving over the break up.

Anyway, my phone’s been weirdly disconnected. People can still call and leave messages, and I can even hear the phone ring, but when I answer it’s all dead air, and when I pick it up to make a call, more dead air. So I have to pay my phone bill.

I’m doing pretty okay though. I’m surviving at any rate.

A friend of mine committed suicide last spring, leaving behind her children. She hung herself. Her face was black in the coffin and they put a cloth over her throat. She was buried next to the church on her reserve. We went to the funeral. I was so shocked that she did that. I thought about the last time I talked to her, she had sounded okay. I guess that’s the thing about suicide, it’s always a shock.

I’m not suicidal anymore, but I was for a while after my episode. It was just this generalized black cloud hanging over me, whispering kill yourself, kill yourself. I got rid of it with antidepressants. Thank god for antidepressants.

My new task is to try and get three videos onto DVD for my CFC application. I’m somewhat excited for it, I really hope I get in. I am also STILL waiting to hear about my grant. I really hope I get it. I didn’t get my smaller grant, which is okay. But this one, eeeee, I hope to get it, I really do.

I’m also on the waiting list for Co-Op Rainbow Housing, which rents out one bedroom places to people with disabilities and you can keep animals there. It’s a year long waiting list, so hopefully I’ll hear something in September.

Oh man!

It’s January 11, and I still haven’t heard about my grant. God am I ever nervous. I have two divergent futures based on this one grant, at least for the next year, and I really hope I get it because then I have an interesting future.

If not, oh lord, who knows what will happen to me. I need to find a full time job doing something I’m relatively good at. I don’t know what.

I’m doing alright. Tomorrow night I am having Bouilliabase with my family. I don’t know if I spelled it correctly. Oh well. I went with mum to get the fish bits at Charlies today.

I like going into the fish store, though I’m not too much into seafood. I like looking at all the different things. Lobsters, shrimps, octopus, frog legs, clams, etc. In Vancouver you could also look at the Geoducks. Pronounced, GooeyDucks, these weird clam things have huge penis like protuberances. Always entertaining.

Once I saw a slug eat icing off a birthday cup cake. Lynn had made them, and it was summer and we were out in the back porch in a DTES house. And it was night time, perfect slug weather.

One time I got a slug caught in my sandal as I was walking home in the dark with Lynn. EW! Slugs plus bare feet equals not nice.

Sugar, bring me sugar!

So anyway, I hope the more interesting option happens for my life, because I don’t want to spend my time doing work for other people. I don’t mind it, but it would be nice to be able to make some work for a while. I feel like I’ve been working for so long.

I should figure out some way to turn my screenplay into support material. I don’t know how that would work.

I’m so bored lately. I need a new distraction. I need a new interest. Something exciting and wonderful has to happen soon.

Plus I have to get my CFC application in on the 28th. I need to get some reference letters and so on. And I have to put three videos onto a DVD. Oh man!

La la la

I’m applying for a new job as a screenprinter. I think it would be fun. I don’t know why I think that but I do.

Life’s going alright for me right now. I’ve made a resolution to treat myself better, ie doing laundry more often and so on. Mom used to keep telling me that unwashed clothes were a sign of mental illness. I guess I was depressed. I didn’t have much energy. Now I’m a bit more alert. My creativity is down though. I need a project to work on to keep happy.

So far all my writing is on this blog, and I haven’t blogged much lately.

I am finally starting to get over my last big love. I doubt I’ll meet anyone this year though. And I really do need a new crush. On who, I don’t know. Someone sexy and funny and slightly mysterious. Someone who’d be able to hang on through a manic episode.

It still makes me sad how my last affair ended. How depressing, to have a cruddy health problem cause such mayhem and destruction. It truly was the most catastrophic of all endings. So shitty. Blerg!

Anyway, I’m hoping I get this new job because I would dearly love to do something other than work in a call centre. I’ve just done that kind of work for so long. Screenprinting would be a good change. And I’d feel mildly more creative than I do now.


I still haven’t heard about my grant and I’m nervous. It’s 2008. Welcome 2008.

Mom found out today she didn’t get her grant. Pretty sad.

I’m hoping this year I’ll stop feeling sad about the breakup. It’s been pretty hard on my recovery process.

I’m also quitting smoking for the upteenth time.

I had a quiet new years. I was at Divas briefly and then I went to mom’s and rang in the new year with her. And I pretty much stayed at her house until now.

Tonight’s my last night to hang out with Deanna Banana.

I found out Shrooms don’t work on me! I tried them over Christmas and nothing happened while my cuz got ripped.

Must be the medication.

I really do miss that special girl I hung out with last year. She was amazing in all the right ways. And we had this special vampire fetish going on between us. I’d never gotten that close to thinking of bloodplay as being particularily sexy. Usually I’m a needles girl, but if she’d wanted to cut me I would have been all over it.

I don’t do intravenous drugs though, not those kinds of needles.

I’m sleepy and today is my first day back at work. Only four hours and then I hang out with No Ass D.

Otherwise known as Deanna Banana.

She got the name after we sat down on a snowy stoop and I was the only one to leave an ass Print. We were both high on life. and she got the name, No Ass D. Which is funny because she really does have no ass, her pants are always falling down showing ass crack.

I HOPE 2008 is a better year.

Oh, I also decided to put off applying to grad school for one more year. I don’t think I’m ready yet for grad school, and I want to stay in Saskatoon a little bit longer.

Yesterday Mister tried to bring a poop in the house, he was carryin it in his mouth! It made me think twice about letting him lick my face.