Monthly Archives: October 2004

I am lonely

Being in Montreal is bizarre, to say the least. It’s not the people I am having trouble with, but my own ghosts, the little shadow of Thirza that still walks down these streets, all shattered and fucked up. And it’s a strange feeling, because in Vancouver I did a lot of healing work, started feeling really stable, understood what it meant to have both feet on the ground. Rooted in some kind of understanding of myself as a freak, found a community of freaks, found a place that I could call my own. And here I feel strangely disjointed, disconnected, and alone, even with people surrounding me.

I am lonely, it is true. There’s no one I can laugh with about my latest weird dream, that Condoleeza Rice was necking with me and gave me the secret papers about 9/11. I mean that’s fucked up! I must be watching way too much CNN. I woke up and was all willied about Republicans.

Still, there are some good things about being back here. One is that I have to face my demons, and all those people who saw me do fucked up shit that I don’t even remember. Mania is a weird thing, some parts of it are totally blacked out. I only remember this glorious feeling of light, and churchbells. And the hospital, and when the cops came to get me.

My rat did an evil thing which has also made me feel fucked up. He ate my friends hamster. I didn’t even know what to say when I found out. How do you apologize for your little friend eating your friend’s little friend? I mean, how do you even begin to make that right? And such a grisly thing to do. But how to you stop an animal from doing what animals do?

I am nervous about my performance, always wondering if it’s going to be good enough. It’s a problem I have. But today I bought fake blood which even “oozes and clots” according to the label. It’s basically corn syrup. I want to talk about my body, about my ancestors and where I come from, and how bloodlines are not always something you see on the outside, it’s all interior for me. When people of colour start talking about their identity based on the colour of their skin, I always feel left out, because I’m not an obvious person of colour.

Anyway, those are some of my thoughts out here.

Oh yeh, I guess I should give you a link to this whole do. It’s La Centrale

Teletbubi zurück Winker!

which means:

Someone who waves back at the teletubbies.

You Puffmutters can find more German insults at:

I am presently sick, ill, dead on my own two little feet. I’ve been drinking Buckley’s because I believe that something so foul tasting must have some medicinal purpose. Of course it could be just a ruse to get people to drink camphor gism. I’ve got this horrid cold I can’t seem to shake, all icky and blah. It felt like I had mucus coming out of every pore a couple days ago, now it’s down to a chronic cough and some dramatic looking sweats. I’m sure my roomies are horrified, considering all the gross sounds I was making on the weekend, and the fact that I pretty much laid around in bed the whole time.

Then today I took transit, feeling like a typhoid mary, me and my germ factory, touching all the handrails. I started feeling bad for all the strangers I was making sick, and then today I called a friend who’d borrowed money for beer. In a croaky voice she said “You made me sick.” Not even a hello. Oh, I felt like a terrible little germ factory. I just hope the wee little rat doesn’t get sick. Rats are terribly vulnerable to respiratory infections.

Anyway, I have been too ill to write and now I am off to Montreal. So the german insults will come in real handy, yeah right. Dammit. I should see if they have any french insults.

They do!!

“Sais-tu combien de temps ta mère prend pour chier? Neuf mois!”

Although “Léchez mon clito” would win me more dates.

Go find out what I just said.